Accenture drops Teneo for Red Consultancy and Headland

08 November 2019 2 min. read
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Headland Consultancy and Red Consultancy have recorded a major contract win, with the news they will take up a new joint role supporting Accenture in the UK. The move sees the IT and consulting giant end a four-year relationship with Teneo as a result.

Accenture reported revenue of £2.6 billion in the UK in FY18, while maintaining a headcount of about 9,500 staff. Its operating profit margin stood at 7%, with the firm’s broader consulting business reporting relatively flat growth. As the firm looks to increase interest in its UK services, it has opted for a change of tack in terms of its public relations contractors.

For the last four years, the communications wing of consulting firm Teneo had supported Accenture’s financial services thought leadership and work, raising awareness of Accenture’s reputation in the industry, as well as its digital technology business. According to reports from PRWeek, however, that relationship has now come to an end.

Accenture drops Teneo for Red Consultancy and Headland

Instead, the professional services firm has opted to split this role between two other public relations firms. Red Consultancy and Headland Consultancy will now provide media and analyst relations support to two of Accenture’s key industry practices.

Speaking to PRWeek, Accenture UK & Ireland Media and Analyst Relations Lead Andy Rowlands said, "We recently appointed Red Consultancy to promote our digital and technology businesses and Headland to support our financial services industry work… Prior to this we enjoyed a four-year relationship with Teneo and thank them for all their contributions."

The PR firms will support with a number of activities, including drafting press releases, research support, building relationships in the media landscape, earned media support and online brand building.