Capita launches security & business intelligence service

13 July 2015 1 min. read
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Capita Technology Solutions has developed a new hosted video surveillance platform that combines both intelligence gathering capabilities with simple security management. According Capita, the service will be able to provide a solution to the complexity, expense and logistical issues faced by deploying CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems in real-time situations.

Capita CloudVision
The system – called Capita CloudVision – uses a combination of techniques to provide security coverage, including the integration of high-quality cameras and intelligent video monitoring. The system as a whole provides businesses with enhancement in controlling physical security and business intelligence.

According to the consulting firm, the system is able to provide a one system solution that is enabled with cross line detection, which detects moving objects that cross a virtual line, as well as with digital auto-tracking, which allows it to automatically detect movement and following objects – including people and vehicles. The system also provides business data and wider intrusion detection.

Capita CloudVision

The information is gathered and processed on the Capita’s secure data-centres – with the option of accessing relevant video and analytical information through a range of platforms, including any internet connected device, such as mobile phones. The service aims to capture market share at both large and small organisation, in so far as the system can be deployed on the basis of relative need, with much of the procession done offsite. This allows for cost minimising and installation simplifying.

“Our new CloudVision service will be a key tool for companies looking to secure their assets or understand their business. Working at any scale, the new integrated system will mean that complex analytics tools – and real-time security monitoring – can be delivered wherever they are needed, when they are needed,” explains Simon Furber, Managing Director of Capita Technology Solutions.