How consultants can grow their business and earn more

19 September 2019 5 min. read
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Among consulting businesses, there is a massive variance in levels of success. Some consultants are scraping by. They’re living hand-to-mouth. They’re refreshing their inbox, desperately waiting for the next opportunity to fall in their lap. Other consultants are earning 6-7 figure incomes. They’re able to travel the world, work with clients around the globe, and live the lifestyle they dreamed of. 

What separates the two? Why do some consultants struggle – while others seem to thrive, even when they provide a similar service? Consultants who want to go out on their own must learn an important lesson. Being an expert consultant is one thing. But being a consultant who can run a successful business is an entirely different animal.  

How to find great clients and consulting projects 

The biggest problem early-stage consultants have is delivering on client projects while continuing to find new work. For the inexperienced consultant, they spend all of their time on client work. Then, when the project is finished, they spend all of their time hunting for new work. This creates a vicious cycle – the “feast or famine cycle.” It traps them in a roller-coaster. 

“Why do some consultants struggle to launch and establish their business, while others manage to build a 6-figure firm in no time?”

When you’re working on a project, life is good. You’re using your skills and getting paid. When you’re not working on a project, life isn’t so good. You’re in a state of panic, hunting for that next project. 

To help consultants find the right balance between delivery and business development, and grow their business, Consulting Success – a platform for consultants and independent consultants – has launched Momentum. The program for early-stage consultants teaches consultants how to pull themselves out of the cycle by attracting and closing clients consistently. 

What type of consultant is Momentum for? 

Momentum is strictly for early-stage consultants who work with companies, associations, and non-profits. It’s for consultants who solve real problems for their clients. Most importantly – Momentum is for consultants who want more than just information. It’s for consultants who want transformation are ready to take action and hit the ground running. 

Momentum is according to the program’s designers more than a course. “It’s a system – complete with action steps, templates, scripts and tools – that consultants can follow, step-by-step. It’s an implementation plan. Momentum was designed to help consultants create real momentum in their business.” 

During the course, consultants will learn the fundamentals of how to launch their consulting business, define their ideal clients, build a pipeline of new business, and win consulting project at higher fees. In doing so, Momentum helps consultants avoid all of the common pitfalls. Once consultants understand and apply the marketing and sales skills the program teaches, they can create a predictable and stable consulting practice. 

There are over 11 key lessons included in the program, including:

  • Lesson 1: The truth about being a consultant
  • Lesson 2: Setting the foundations for a consulting business
  • Lesson 3: Specialisation secrets
  • Lesson 4: Branding a consulting business
  • Lesson 5: Strategies for consulting fees and pricing
  • Lesson 6: Effective contracts and proposals
  • Lesson 7: Client development for consultants
  • Lesson 8: Marketing consulting services
  • Lesson 9: Getting found online, the power of SEO
  • Lesson 10: Managing clients and relationships
  • Lesson 11: Consulting systems for growth

Momentum program for consultants


Momentum comes with bonus lessons and content as well. The bonuses help consultants with productivity, developing services, client diversification, getting the first client on board, and more. The program also comes with a guarantee. According to Momentum’s developers, results will be in within 25 days of starting the approach. “That means you’ll know exactly who your ideal client is, have qualified leads in your pipeline, and feel confident knowing that you have a process for attracting new clients over and over.”

Testimonials by consultants

So what are other consultants saying about the program? “This is the first program that provided a focused, linear path to success with a clear, detailed process, accountability and specific tools to ensure your success.” said Josh Canova, CEO at Pow Wow Growth. Janice Tomich, an owner at Calculated Presentations, said: “You should be asking 10 times more than the price you are charging for this course. The systems you need to use to be successful are all here, as well as showing you how to avoid making costly mistakes.”

“I landed a new client and am now charging 25% more than before! I’d recommend this course for anyone that wants to be a successful consultant,” remarked Ron Jennings, President at Jennings Business Group. Similarly, Damien Wilpitz, a Lab Research Consultant, said “I was able to land $3,000 in client contracts which easily was more than my investment. I anticipate making so much more throughout the year with the tools. It’s a no brainer.”