NewForesight develops new strategy of 4C Association

01 July 2015 2 min. read
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Sustainability consulting firm NewForesight has in the past six months supported the development of 4C Association’s new strategy. With the endorsement of the General Assembly in its pocket, the vision will now be finalised into concrete strategies and actionable business plans.

The 4C Association (Common Code for the Coffee Community) is a leading multi-stakeholder sustainable coffee platform with the objective of guiding the sector toward more sustainable production. The network is based in Bonn, Germany, and has more than 270 members globally.

4C Association - Coffee

Looking towards the future, the 4C Association is determined to stay ahead of the game and maintain, or ideally expand, its sustainability role within the coffee sector. In line with this goal, the management team of the network earlier this year decided to launch a new strategy programme, aimed at developing the firm’s high-level Strategy Framework 2016-2020 and a roadmap to move the 4C Association to its new vision. “4CA’s future success requires a strategy that serves the needs of their broad membership today and tomorrow while anticipating trends in the coffee market and sustainability landscape”, comments Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa, Chair of the Council, the network’s strategic decision-making body.

To develop the new strategy and organisational blueprint the Council created an Internal Strategy Task Force, which consists of members from the network as well as experts from the field. The taskforce was supported by NewForesight, a Netherlands-based consulting firm that specialises in sustainability-related matters and a player with a strong track record in the food & beverage business. NewForesight’s role involved gathering input from key members and external stakeholders on the trends, opportunities and risks, as well as the elaboration of scenarios and related value propositions for the different groups of 4C members. In addition, the consultants facilitated the strategy development process between key stakeholders and incorporated best practices into the framework.


Following six months of work the proposed strategy framework and new business model designed by the Internal Strategy Task Force and NewForesight has been positively received, and approved by the General Assembly held earlier this month. “With the strategic direction clearly set and agreed upon, the 4C Association is now in an excellent position to lead and shape the transformation of the coffee sector together with its members and partners”, says Nsibirwa. With the endorsement of the General Assembly, the draft Strategy Framework will in the coming period be finalised into a Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 as well as a concrete and actionable Business Plan(s).