Automation consultancy convedo opens new office in Frankfurt

28 January 2019 3 min. read
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As automation consultancy convedo looks to expand its footprint in the financial services sector of Europe, the firm has expanded into Germany. The new office in Frankfurt will offer clients in the region access to additional staff to support the implementation of business process management and robotic process automation solutions.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) denotes a process that utilises software programmed to autonomously carry out basic tasks across applications, reducing the burden of repetitive, simple tasks on employees. The technology is broadly touted to be a game-changer in terms of back-office efficiency, as the cost effective process is able to be developed and deployed in the space of a few weeks, and can typically demonstrate returns on investment within a matter of months. It has been known to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of processing, resulting in a quicker and higher quality service for the public.

Without the overheads of items such as employee costs, employee management effort, and office space, a robot is said to costs a fraction of a fully costed full time employee (FTE), while working longer hours and at greater speed. Due to the heavily hyped benefits that RPA is said to offer – the holy grail of greater value being created at a lower price – a multitude of organisations, including the UK Cabinet Office, have scrambled to deploy RPA for themselves, in the search of that silver bullet of rapid automation and operational efficiency.

Automation consultancy Convedo opens new office in FrankfurtHowever, the reality of RPA is complex, and the successful delivery of the innovative tool requires careful planning, along with disciplined implementation and operational management. As a result, demand for consultancies specialising in the realisation of PRA transformations has boomed in recent months, leading firms which are able to tap into this booming revenue stream to expand their presences across the business world. One such firm has subsequently announced that it will be growing into the European financial hub of Frankfurt in 2019.

Serving the German market

Founded in 2009, convedo is a digital process automation consultancy headquartered in Canary Wharf, London. The firm opened a new office in the German city to accommodate the company’s growing client base in the region. With Frankfurt already a major financial centre – being home to the European Central Bank, the German Central Bank (Deutsche Bundesbank) and headquarters of several large international banks and financial institutions – the area is set to boom further in the coming year, as many banks and financial services companies consider migrating to mainland Europe from the UK, following Brexit.

Consultants at large are enjoying a boom in advisory work in Germany, with economic growth as a whole driving the business of the world’s largest professional services firms in Germany to record levels. With Europe’s largest economy apparently flirting with a slowdown, many clients are looking to external advisors to provide guidance on how to insulate themselves against potentially harsh times ahead. This, combined with the fact that one of convedo’s strategic pillars is the financial services sector, means Frankfurt is therefore an ideal location for its new European outfit.

Looking forward, the new office will provide customers with consulting in the implementation of strategic projects and supports convedo’s sales efforts throughout the German-speaking region. Located at the Skyper Villa, the office space will also host training, events and workshops and serve as a meeting point for the growing number of convedo consultants across EMEA.

Sascha Cutura, CEO of Convedo, said of the news, “Germany and the DACH region is a key growth geography and we are very excited about new office space that supports our expansion and objective in spearheading digital process automation and digital transformation.’’

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