First Consulting supports Expereo with business model

14 May 2015 3 min. read
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Expereo together with First Consulting is radically transforming its sales and procurement processes. Key in phase one was the launch of the Mendix-platform digital hub, on which customers and suppliers of online services connect with each other instantaneously. This leads to an efficient and effective sales and procurement process for Expereo and its clients, resulting in a competitive advantage.

Expereo delivers 17,000 online services worldwide to reputable international telecommunications companies through agreements with 2,500 local suppliers in 180 countries. The company is more than just a wholesales broker, offering complete client solutions including delivery, support and billing. Expereo sought a solution for the expansion of its services portfolio and to meet the growing demand for its services. The current processes using spreadsheets, price books and catalogues were no longer sufficient. To solve the insufficiency an application platform that could support a solution was called for, as well as an implementation partner that could translate the business needs into clear solutions on the new platform. 


Realisation through thorough collaboration
In search for a smooth transition, Expereo called on the expertise of First Consulting, a Netherlands-based consulting firm specialised in operational performance in the utility, telecom and transport sector. Jointly, the companies designed and developed the desired business and application landscape; including the crucial development of new business processes. First Consulting thereby served as a continuous development partner, quickly testing new ideas by means of rapid prototyping with the Mendix platform. In addition, First Consulting helped Expereo work with the Scrum development methodology, enabling Expereo to manage and modify the Mendix application by itself.

Key aspects of phase one – innovative and flexible
Expereo’s brand new hub can be used in different ways. With help from APIs, customers and suppliers of online services are able to couple their systems directly to the Expereo-hub. Suppliers with limited product portfolios and stable prices are also given the possibility of offering their services through Expereo in the form of a digital online catalogue.

Hub function Expereo

One typical example of first phase innovation is that the hub checks for the availability of the services of different suppliers at the exact location of the request. This is done using different types of geographical layers (zip code, polygons, points, etc.) enabling Expereo to provide customers with the best locally available service instantaneously.

The Mendix platform offers Expereo an agile development platform with greater flexibility to stay innovative and competitive in the future.  In phase one Mendix has already proven itself to be a powerful toolset in restructuring its sales and procurement processes.

Looking forward
As it stands all local suppliers in the 180 countries in which Expereo provides services are being transferred into the new environment. In the upcoming phase a self-service portal will be implemented. The portal will allow suppliers to manage their product portfolio online and is flexible enough to be able to provide customised offers per request. For customers the portal provides the possibility to see the availability of Expereo services per location instantaneously, place a request and track its progress.

First Consulting’s vision on Business IT
Expereo was looking for a way to diverge from the traditional modes of IT development and sought for the best approach to support their new business model. Because the domains of business and IT are blending more and more, both Expereo and First Consulting are convinced that a team that has both strong business knowledge and IT drive, is crucial. Expertise in both areas will reduce the amount of handovers and ensures higher organisational adaptability.