Sia Partners refreshes branding for new growth phase

07 May 2015 4 min. read
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Global consulting firm Sia Partners has recently refreshed its visual identity. With a more modern and appealing marketing style, the consultancy aims at entering the next phase of international growth, says CEO Matthieu Courtecuisse to

Sia Partners was established in 1999 and since its inception, the organisation has realised strong growth, bringing it to its current size of 600 consultants spread out over 16 offices globally. From its headquarters in Paris, Sia Partners started the international expansion in 2005 by opening offices in Belgium, Italy, Morocco, the Netherlands and Dubai over a period of five years. In the subsequent period Sia Partners’ footprint further globalised through the opening of new offices in the US, Canada*, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and recently Japan.

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Asking for the secret behind the firm’s success, Matthieu Courtecuisse says that there is no single aspect that stands out, but a plethora of factors have contributed to the growth. In his view, the firm differentiates itself in the market through unique positioning – between the strategy consultants, IT integrators and the multi-service audit, tax, consulting firms (such as the Big Four). With a dedicated focus on management consultancy services, and more than fifteen years in-depth sector knowledge, Sia Partners now “benefits from its strong and clear-cut positioning”, according to the CEO. In addition, Courtecuisse highlights that “Sia Partners consultants are specialised in improving performance both on a strategic and tactical level”.

Looking ahead, the management team has recently agreed on an ambitious growth plan for the future. The firm’s strategic outlook has outlined a growth path that should result in a revenue of €140 million by 2018. This increase is forecasted to come from three key initiatives: 1) expansion in current markets, 2) entry into new domains and 3) growth via a cross-sector service portfolio. When founded, Sia Partners focused on the Financial Services industry, yet with growth came diversification. Nowadays the business advisory serves clients across a range of industries, including Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications and Media, Transport & Logistics as well as the Public sector. For the coming years, Courtecuisse foresees several growth areas, such as technology and digital, and substantial opportunity to enhance service offerings through synergies across sectors and blended services.

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Unveiling a new brand identity
To support the next phase of Sia Partners’ growth trajectory and to celebrate its 15th anniversary, the consultancy recently decided to modernise its corporate visual identity. Besides a new logo, the consultancy launched a new website and incorporated a fresh look-and-feel into all marketing communications, such as presentations, white papers and client deliverables. According to the CEO, the new logo draws on the legacy of the old one, maintaining the burgundy colour that has “characterised Sia Partners’ distinctive look” for several years now. “Sia Partners is a forward thinking firm always looking for new ways to add value to its clients. With its modern look, this new logo reflects our openness and transparency.”

In parallel to the new brand, Sia Partners also refreshed its online presence to better serve the needs of clients and candidates. The redesigned website features an updated look with improved functionalities to ensure an easier and more engaging experience for users. Shirley Block, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Sia Partners, comments on the benefit to potential recruits: “For some candidates, the first contact with our firm passes through our website. With 24,000 applications received each year, we needed a website that reflects our values and culture but also helps us to effectively manage recruitment processes.”

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Along with the new website and logo, Sia Partners will in the coming months will bolster its online presence with a new wave of content and features, including among others blogs and event sites managed by the firm.

* See the article ‘Sia Partners expands in America with Montreal office’ for more information.