IBM: New social messaging solution driven by analytics

17 July 2015 1 min. read
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IBM has rolled out new social messaging software, called IBM Verse, which allows for a new way of working. IBM Verse integrates email, calendars, file sharing, instant messaging, and social through the cloud and incorporates analytics to filter out the user’s important people and critical actions for the day.

IBM Verse
IBM Verse is a social messaging solution that incorporates email, calendaring and social sharing to give its users a fast way to communicate across different devices using the cloud. The solution infuses analytics and learns the user’s preferences and priorities over time. It will adapt to his/her way of working to provide instant context on people and teams and surface the user’s most important people and critical actions to focus on.

The key features of the solution include:

  • Faceted Search: To pinpoint and retrieve specific information across all the various types of content within email.
  • Team Analytics: To retrieve an organisational graph of the people on their thread and gain insights before responding.
  • Calendaring: An animated calendar to join meetings quickly.
  • File Sharing: A social file sharing capability to make co-editing, review and commenting on a file easy.

Commenting on the new solution, Jeff Schick, General Manager of Enterprise Social Solutions, says: “One of the few things that have changed with email over the past 30 years is the amount of messages being sent and received. Businesses are sending upwards of 108 billion emails a day and people just can’t keep up. Verse combines things like email, calendaring and file sharing with analytics to provide a system that learns who and what are most important to you.”