First Consulting: Is RPA implementation going in the right direction?

20 July 2018 2 min. read
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Many organisations are struggling to understand if they are succeeding with their RPA implementations and are asking questions such as; are we setting ourselves up for future success? Why aren’t we able to realise the benefits against the original business case?

Against the backdrop of these unanswered questions, Jon Nelmes, Partner, at First Consulting UK, says that many RPA initiatives are stalling in the face of unfulfilled business cases and a lack of clear direction on how to move forward.

First Consulting has recognised this challenge and has classified what they see as the three key dilemmas that organisations are facing as they attempt to navigate along their RPA journey.

Three key dilemmas

What can companies do about it?

First Consulting believes that organisations can rapidly establish whether they are on the right path to RPA success through the application of a clear and structured assessment approach. Combining the assessment with relevant business insight and a deep understanding of the organisation, helps identify how healthy the RPA implementation or portfolio is and signposts the key areas to address in order to realise the business benefits. With cross-sector market experience in RPA, First Consulting have developed a framework to help organisations to focus on what they believe are the essential areas: ‘Do things right’, and ‘Do the right things’.

An important aspect of any assessment is to be clear around the outputs and the recommendations that should be addressed in order to drive future success in RPA. Based on First Consulting’s experiences in this domain, they have identified a high-level set of insights that they recommend organisations target for delivery from the assessment.

How can an Assessment help

What should you seek to deliver through your Assessment

A range of approaches

First Consulting understands that RPA implementation is complex and that there are a range of approaches to achieving success, as well as many pitfalls to fall foul of. Measuring success objectively, and identifying improvements is a challenge across even the most mature digital organisations. Through the application of their RPA Health Assessment Framework and in combination with their RPA Discovery Tool; First Consulting can rapidly deliver an informed and targeted view of your RPA initiative, programme or Centre of Excellence, complete with tailored recommendations for enhancements at all levels of the organisation.

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