No Boston Olympics co-founder leaves Bain & Company

14 April 2015

No Boston Olympics co-founder Chris Dempsey has left Bain & Company, a firm he worked for two years as Case Team Leader. While a conflict of interest appears as a possible reason for the move, with Bain supporting the bid to bring the 2024 Olympics to Boston and No Boston Olympics believing that the Games would be financially onerous for the region, Dempsey assures that the reasons are otherwise.

It was recently announced that co-founder of non-profit No Boston Olympics Chris Dempsey will be leaving Bain & Company, stepping down from his position as Case Team Leader at the firm. Dempsey joined the firm in 2012 after completing his MBA from Harvard. As part of his career, Dempsey worked at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, where he was in a position that briefly overlapped that of Richard Davey, who is the CEO of the Boston 2024 Partnership – a partnership that headed a privately backed bid to bring the 2024 Summer Olympics to Boston.

The private bid for the US 2024 Summer Olympics nomination was successful, with the US Olympic Committee (USOC) finding in favour of Boston at the start of January 2015. The city has now definitely beat out its local competition, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC for the official US bid, with only international competitors such as Rome and Hamburg, standing in its way of hosting the world’s biggest sporting spectacle.

Bain & Company - No Boston Olympics

While the privately backed Boston 2024 Partnership has helped win the bid, and Bain & Company provided pro bono work for the Partnership, Dempsey has personally been staunchly opposed to the project. As co-founder of the No Boston Olympics group, he has campaigned to show that bringing the 2024 Games to Boston could be a financial disaster for the public coffers of the state and city and that taxpayer funds could be better spent on infrastructure or educational projects.

Dempsey’s leaving is not attributed by him to any internal or external pressure from Bain. “This is a natural development, and very typical of people who do a couple of years of consulting work after business school,” Dempsey explains. “I have nothing but good things to say about the people at Bain.”

Dempsey’s work at the No Boston Olympics appears to be relatively effective. Since January, public opinion around hosting the Olympics in Boston has plummeted, with Boston’s National Public Radio, Wbur, running a poll that showed that support backing the idea has dropped from 51% in January, to 44% February with the latest poll showing a mere 36% continue to support the idea.


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Rapid growth sees Quantum Advisory promote trio of partners

18 April 2019

Three senior level consultants have been boosted to the rank of Partner at Quantum Advisory, as the firm works to meet heightened levels of client demand. Aled Edwards, Amanda Burdge and Chris Heirene become Partners as long-time Quantum member Rob Davies retires in May after 15 years as a Partner at the firm.

Founded in 2000, Quantum Advisory provides pension and employee benefits services to employers, scheme trustees and members, with five offices across the UK. The firm has enjoyed exponential growth in recent years, following a number of major client wins and booming demand for its services. It opened a new office in Bristol in 2016 to service the South West and in 2017 relocated its Cardiff office to a larger site within the Welsh capital to house the increased workforce. More recently, Quantum relocated its Amersham, Birmingham and London offices to more spacious premises in the centre of both cities to cope with demand.

The financial services consultancy, which employs 115 people across the UK, has promoted three senior team members to Partner, as part of its wider growth plans. The firm has moved Aled Edwards from Principal Consultant & Actuary, while Amanda Burdge has ascended from Principal Investment Consultant. Chris Heirene, former IT Manager, has also joined the ten current Partners at Quantum.

Aled Edwards most recently managed the actuarial team within Quantum’s Cardiff office as well as providing technical training for all staff. He boasts more than 17 years of pensions experience. He started his career as an Actuary at Jardine Lloyd Thompson’s Bristol wing, before joining Quantum in 2011. Edwards is also the President of the Welsh Actuarial Society (WAS), which supports actuaries and actuarial students living or working in Wales.

Rapid growth sees Quantum Advisory promote trio of Partners

Amanda Burdge joined Quantum’s team in 2001, as one of the fledgling firm’s first employees. Most recently she was a Principal Investment Consultant with the firm, and with more than a quarter of a century’s experience in the sector, she is responsible for providing investment advice to many of Quantum’s key clients with both defined benefit and defined contribution schemes. Prior to her time with Quantum, Burdge spent two years as a consultant with SBJ Benefit Consultants (now Capita), and three years with Tesco Pension Trustees. She currently sits on the Regulation Committee for the Pensions Management Institute.

Chris Heirene initially worked with Quantum as an IT Consultant with Teamwork Technology Services and then UES for over five years, before finally joining the firm itself in 2011. He is now responsible for Quantum’s IT systems across all of its offices, including the network and core server infrastructure which supports the business. Heirene is heavily involved in utilising IT to improve and build upon the processes in place throughout Quantum.

David Deidun, Partner at Quantum Advisory, said of the promotions, “This is a very exciting time for Quantum. The recent round of promotions fully recognise the hard work and dedication shown by the three, all of whom go above and beyond for the company. I’ve no doubt that Aled, Amanda and Chris will settle into their new roles with ease and look forward to working together to grow Quantum even further.”

The news comes as Rob Davies retires in May, after spending fifteen years as a Partner at Quantum. A qualified actuary, Davies was instrumental in setting up Quantum’s Investment Division, specialising in aiding clients with their investment strategies. He will remain with the company on a part-time consultancy basis, while working with several clients in the Fiduciary Manager area.