Verizon and Deloitte bundle their Cyber Risk services

07 April 2015

Deloitte's Cyber Risk Services practice has agreed a strategic alliance with Verizon, one of the globe’s leaders in broadband and wireless communications services. As part of the agreement, the firms will bundle their offerings and solutions in the area of cyber security and risk-management, creating broader and deeper joint propositions to corporations and governments.

With the growing transition to online and digital communication channels, and disruptive trends such as the Internet of Things on the verge of being unleashed, the risk and impact of cybercrime is rising sharply. For corporates and governments the message is clear: they need to arm their digital frontier against the continuous and growing threats from cyber criminals.

Verizon and Deloitte bundle their Cyber Risk services

To support companies with battling cybercrime, professional services firm Deloitte and Verizon have decided to join forces. Together they will provide a “powerful integrated business and technology solution enabling companies to adequately prepare for and manage the entire life cycle of a cyber incident", says Ed Powers from Deloitte US. His firm will bring cyber risk advisory services designed to fortify businesses in all the areas of governance, strategy, business operations, risk and compliance, and remediation capabilities to business customers. Verizon will in turn, through its Enterprise Solutions division, provide its suite of global computer forensics, incident response and investigation services.

“As the cybersecurity landscape becomes more formidable, this alliance enables enterprises to better prepare for today's new reality," comments Mike Denning, Vice President global security for Verizon Enterprise Solutions. "We understand that companies need to have the mindset that being breached is a matter of when, not if. With our combined capabilities, we are preparing enterprises to better withstand a cyberattack before and beyond the breach."

The deal between the two giants has been struck in the United States and will mainly focus on clients in North America. If successful, the alliance is eyed to roll-out to other key markets.

Cyber-risk management framework
A few months ago, Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Services practice teamed up with the World Economic Forum to develop a new, cutting-edge cyber-risk management framework.


Grey Consulting and Makerversity announce strategic partnership

05 April 2019

Grey Consulting has forged a new alliance with Makerversity, a 500-strong community of the brightest creative innovators, headquartered at Somerset House, London. The partnership hopes to tap into the experimental community to develop pioneering solutions for Grey Consulting’s clients.

In August 2018, one of the world’s largest design agencies surprised the business world by launching a dedicated consulting outfit. The news came as the two industries continued on their trajectory towards a historic synthesis. The consulting industry has been engaged in a pitched battle with the advertising and design space for the past few years, as the former increasingly encroaches on the territory of the latter via a protracted campaign of mergers and acquisitions; but there had been little traffic moving in the other direction.

At its launch, Grey Consulting was not billed as a direct competitor to established consultancies. However, the firm behind the new entity hopes that its creative experience will give it a competitive edge in winning consulting business from its existing clients. The Grey Group is a global advertising and marketing agency with headquarters in New York City, and 432 offices in 96 countries, operating in 154 cities. Grey Consulting opened its doors with a view to aiding clients within the areas of business and brand design, innovation and digital transformations.Grey Consulting and Makerversity announce strategic partnership

Now, as the firm looks to further expand its footprint in the market, Grey Consulting has unveiled details of a ground-breaking new alliance with Makerversity, a 500-strong community of creative innovators headquartered at Somerset House, London. The alignment with Makerversity is hoped to unlock the potential of collaborating with one of the world’s most experimental communities.

Makerversity curates and convenes the best talent across product design, fashion, art and experimental architecture, sustainable materials, IoT, digital manufacturing, and coding. It provides spaces and workshops for professional makers to develop and create their work, supported by Somerset House Trust. The alliance is expected to enable Grey Consulting to develop pioneering solutions for its clients, together with innovators who make something amazing for a living, every day. 

Leo Rayman, Grey Consulting CEO, commented, “This gives our clients the potential to access a network of some of the most diverse and innovative individuals in the world today. Being so tightly connected to a community of makers means we don’t just develop transformational strategies but can quickly realise them in three dimensions. This sets Grey Consulting apart from the pure play strategy houses who are sometimes criticised for not making their thinking real at the pace modern businesses require.” 

Fiona Dent, CEO of Makerversity, added, “Makerversity acts as a catalyst for unexpected encounters, fostering collaborations between an incredible range of the brightest leading creators and innovators. Our experimental approach and engaged members, whose own practice is defining our world, create highly original new outcomes. We are delighted to bring this philosophy to a wider audience and generate interesting projects for Makerversity members through our partnership with Grey Consulting.”