Grant Thornton opens new St. Albans business space

03 April 2015 1 min. read
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Grant Thornton has opened a new business space in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, with the aim of providing business leaders in the region an "innovative and open" venue. The new premises offer executives and managers the opportunity to meet, network, and work together.

The launch of the new space follows Grant Thornton’s strong growth in Hertfordshire, the county with the eighth highest employment rate in the UK amongst business professionals, explains Jeremy Read, UK partner at the accounting and consulting firm. “Our new space is designed to build on this, combined with Grant Thornton’s dynamic, forward thinking approach, to create an entirely new concept for our county’s businesses.”

Grant Thornton launches new St. Albans business space

Innovative office space
The new St Albans premises, which are located in Hertfordshire at Churchill House, Upper Marlborough Road, offer business leaders an alternative to the regular office experience. “When most people think of an office they imagine people sitting at desks, in front of their laptops, writing reports. Here in St Albans we’ve deliberately steered away from that to create a space where our people and clients can connect, have open and insightful conversations in a relaxed atmosphere and develop stronger relationships”, says Read.

The new space includes a CEO room – the advisory has more than 10 CEO Rooms across the UK – for board level meetings, a business lounge area, a theatre with 30 seating places for larger meetings and presentations, and noise-cancelling booths to enable private and undistracted conversations.

Read concludes: “We look forward to regularly welcoming clients and other local businesses to share this with us because they like the space - but most importantly it gives them access to conversations with relevant, interesting and insightful people.”