Joe Earlam and Joe Robertson explain why they chose First Consulting

08 June 2018 6 min. read
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First Consulting is enjoying rapid growth since it launched in the UK last summer. Two colleagues that recently joined the firm’s ranks – Joe Earlam and Joe Robertson – explain how First Consulting caught their eye and elaborate on why they believe they made the right decision.

Joe Earlam

Joe Earlam joined First Consulting as a Business Consultant after completing a Master’s degree in International Business at Henley Business School.

How did you start working for First Consulting?
“Whilst undertaking my Master’s degree in International Business, I won a competition which gave me the opportunity to complete a consultancy project in Sydney and Mexico City. During the project, I realised I wanted to be a consultant after I graduated. I (luckily) stumbled across First Consulting on the site and was really drawn in by their core values. Sharp, Fun, Daring, No-nonsense, Trust and Together really resonated with me. What became apparent throughout the interview process, was that this was not something the company aspired to be, rather what the company is each day. The recruitment process, consisting of four interviews, was something I thoroughly enjoyed. I originally thought that having four interviews was somewhat excessive! However, with each stage I learnt more about the company and its employees – this only reaffirmed my desire to work for First Consulting.”

“This clear sense of who First are and what First is about, was something that drew me to First Consulting and made the company stand out.”

How have you experienced First Consulting so far?
“My experience so far has been thoroughly enjoyable. At one point on my third day, I was playing table tennis with Jon Nelmes (UK Managing Director
), Paul ten Haaf (Technology Partner) and Geert van de Goor (Managing Partner). I remember thinking how unique this opportunity was. I do not think this is a situation you could encounter anywhere else. I knew already how ambitious First Consulting was, but this really showed how close-knit the company was. The fact that this new colleague, three days in the job, was playing table tennis and having drinks with the most senior staff in the company – incredible. Genuinely a memory I will never forget.”

Joe Earlam and Joe Robertson - First Consulting

“I spent two weeks in the Netherlands in order to complete a training boot camp. After learning many valuable things and a few Dutch words (Bier, lekker, and bedankt – all of which were very useful), I began my work in the UK. So far this has included working on several proposals but also working on the development and maturity of the UK business. Again, something unique that First Consulting offers. Two months in and I have ownership over several tasks, which will ultimately sculpt the future business here in the UK.”

“If you want to work for a company where you are not just another employee, a company where you are trusted to help develop the UK business from day one and a company that most of all prides itself on its ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude, then First Consulting is the company for you. If you have any questions about First Consulting, feel free to message me on LinkedIn.”

Joe Robertson

Joe Robertson joined First Consulting as a business consultant with a chemical engineering background.

How did you start working at First Consulting?
“Straight out of university I worked as an engineer designing Offshore Gas Platforms and later as Business Process Analyst in the Government Services business unit. In summer 2016 I quit my job and spent more than a year travelling and working in a public school in Colombia.”

“I came across the First Consulting UK website towards the end of my time in Colombia. It seemed like an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic consultancy in an exciting phase of growth. Despite being concerned that my lack of formal IT training would affect my chances, I applied.”

“Throughout the interview process I gained a real appreciation of the core values and it became clear to me that they really are embedded in how First Consulting operates; all the interviewers were ‘sharp’, the process was ‘no-nonsense’ and there was a clear sense of a company that operates ‘together’. So, I was delighted when I got the job offer and had no hesitation in accepting.”

If you want to work for a company where you are trusted to help develop the UK business

How have you experienced First Consulting so far?
“Exciting! It started with a two-week Business Technology boot camp in the Netherlands, where I got to know a lot of our Dutch colleagues. I also learnt a lot from a technical perspective and gained greater insight into how First Consulting operates. Since then I have worked on a variety of projects for different clients and the learning curve has been steep, but there has always been a great level of support from more senior colleagues. This ensures that not only do I continue to learn but that we deliver consistent, high-quality work for our clients.”

“From a social perspective we have a great core team here in the UK and there have been plenty of events, including dinners, ping pong and mini-golf. These are a great opportunity to get to know each other outside of a working environment and we are often joined by Partners from the Netherlands. I’m also looking forward to seeing all my Dutch colleagues at the summer party in June and joining the annual company-wide ski trip at the beginning of next year.”

Continued growth

To meet growing demand of its services, Jon Nelmes, First Consulting’s partner in the UK, highlights that the management consultancy is on the lookout for new colleagues to join the team. “It doesn’t really matter whether you have a lot or very little work experience, we’re looking for people at all grades, as long as you fit the no-nonsense mentality of our team of sharp consultants.”

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