Education consultancy firm William Clarence partners with AEGIS

25 May 2018 3 min. read

William Clarence Education has confirmed a new partnership with educational guardianship organisation, AEGIS. The education consultancy will collaborate in order to offer new guidance for parents of international children studying in Britain.

William Clarence Education is an education advisory and consultancy service based in the UK. With the private and state educational landscape shifting rapidly over the past few years, the consultancy has been looking to boost its offering in recent months. In the last quarter of 2017, this saw Robin Badham-Thornhill join as School Placement Advisor, while Ian Hunt took a position with the London-based firm as Commercial and Partnership Advisor.

Now, William Clarence which helps and advises families from around the world to gain access to the very best of UK education has strengthened its international student offering, having struck a new partnership with the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS). AEGIS is an independent organisation, comprised of 80 schools and colleges, and over 40 guardianship organisations, which inspects and accredits reputable guardianship organisations throughout the UK, and its members belong to many professional bodies. With the redefinition of borders underway for Brexit, a growing number of British-based students are likely to fall under the term ‘international’, meaning they require a UK-based educational guardian, and placing AEGIS under an increased demand.

Education consultancy firm William Clarence partners with AEGIS

Educational guardians oversee the welfare of international students outside of term time, when some students may be unable to return home, attend important parents’ meetings, and keep in contact with parents. It is their job to ensure the safety and wellbeing of international students, and provide a vital line of communication with parents. This, according to William Clarence Managing Director Stephen Spriggs, means that appointing an accredited guardian from a reputable organisation is of the highest importantance. The new partnership will see William Clarence clients provided with fresh insight into the important between top guardianship opportunities in the UK.

Spriggs argued, “Educational guardianship is well worth investing in. Parents will naturally want to protect the investment they are making in their child’s education by ensuring that their child is happy, safe, and well looked after. The ideal scenario, obviously, would be for the parents or a family member to assume the role of educational guardian, but this can be impractical for some for various reasons – location, lifestyle, and other time commitments. This is where we, with the help of organisations such as AEGIS, can step in and provide reassurance and peace of mind.”

Yasemin Wigglesworth, Executive Officer at AEGIS, meanwhile commented, “We are grateful that William Clarence has recognised the work of AEGIS and is willing to recommend AEGIS accredited guardians to overseas parents. For international students to reach their full potential, their safety and happiness are key. Ultimately, what we share is a commitment to great quality in supporting international students in their experience in the UK.”