Marketing strategy of Elixirr shortlisted for Drum Marketing Awards

11 May 2018 3 min. read

UK-headquartered firm Elixirr has been named as a finalist at this year’s Drum Marketing Awards for its ‘Challenger Consultancy’ marketing strategy. The fast-growing consultancy was shortlisted for B2B Marketing Strategy of the Year alongside seven other firms from across the business spectrum.

A firm which often characterises itself as ‘young and ambitious’, Elixirr has grown exponentially since its launch in 2009. The UK-based firm was named one of the fastest growing consulting businesses in Europe last year, having recorded a revenue of €21.5 million, at a growth rate of 424% while, following its expansion into the US, the firm performed a similar feat in the American market.

Such success at a new firm cannot come without an effective market strategy, however, with new, smaller firms often struggling to win a market share from the established names of the consulting industry without such a plan in place. A study from Hinge Marketing demonstrated this – concluding that high growth consulting firms are specialised in and invest in marketing.

Marketing strategy of Elixirr short-listed for Drum Marketing Awards

Elixirr’s subsequent success is therefore testament to its strong marketing department. Speaking to, Ellie Duffus described how Elixirr’s marketing strategy began and how it evolved. She stated, “For us it was (and still is actually!) all about brand. Perception is everything and for us as a young, challenger brand, it was vital that we created a strong identity, a distinct personality. So the first thing we did when I joined was start a rebranding project and we spent a lot of time solidifying our positioning, our messaging and designing the framework behind the brand. We were crystal clear on what we wanted to be famous for, so it flowed very naturally!”

As well as offering interviews with business journalism outlets, the Elixirr marketing team also launched initiatives such as an Editorials programme, and Studio E, a studio to showcase the imagination and talents of Elixirr’s team, to proudly tell the firm’s stories and build its brand further. The holistic strategic approach Elixirr has taken to marketing, and building its chosen title as ‘The Challenger Consultancy’ has now seen it marked out for praise at the annual Drum Marketing Awards.

Run by the largest marketing website in Europe, The Drum Marketing Awards are one of the industry’s most sought after accolades. Elixirr will contest the B2B Marketing Strategy of the Year category alongside seven other firms. Financial institution Barclays, marketing agencies Earnest, Harvard, mark-making*, RLA Group, Stein IAS and Velocity Partners.

Commenting on the news, Graham Busby, a co-founder and Partner at Elixirr, said, “We’ve always put marketing at the heart of our firm, and every single member of our team plays an important role in delivering on our strategy – we are very proud of how far we’ve come…and of where we’re going!”