ranked a top 100 news publication on digital transformation

16 April 2018 6 min. read has been named one of the globe’s top 100 most influential news platforms for digital transformation, placing alongside the likes of, MIT Sloan Management Review, Strategy+Business,, Forbes and Silicon Republic.

The ranking of the top 100 influencers in the area of digital transformation was compiled by Onalytica, an information technology services firm that specialises in predictive analytics. The firm’s researchers pored over 90 days worth of social media posts from more than 50,000 social network users to determine which figures, brands and publications serve as a nucleus for valuable information on the topic. Examining some 380,000 statuses and updates, the analysts took into account the number and quality of contextual references that users received, as well as the social topical influence and topical authority exerted by the social media actors by dissecting their social engagements on Twitter, as well as how much influencers were referenced in association with digital transformation on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Forums, Blogs, News and Tumblr content.

In the publications category, aimed at journalistic platforms covering digital disruption, was named as one of the top influencers. The online news platform is dedicated to covering UK's advisory and consulting industry, following the projects and publications of consultancies across more than 60 industries and functional areas, as well as highlighting the latest news and trends in the sector. From its base in the UK,, which is part of the network, also covers international content. in Digital Transformation 2018

Digital transformation is one of the key pillars of the global consulting industry – the segment is worth over $23 billion a year, and will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. In comparison, UK’s management consulting industry as a whole is worth £7.3 billion, with digital now making up nearly one quarter of the market.

Commenting on the news, Jack Brinded, Editor for said, “As clients of the consulting industry look to fend off competition from agile, innovative new competitors, our news platform has been provided with a glut of stories relating to digital transformation, from technology-led business model disruption to workplace automation and digitsation of operations. The extent to which this trend has pervaded every industry is illustrated by the diversity of these stories; we’ve written pieces on consultants helping everyone from the Build-A-Bear Group to the Vatican to use digitalisation to not only survive disruption, but thrive and expand their services for new consumer groups.”

Brinded added that the appetite for digital transformation consulting is unlikely to subside any time soon, as while back-office transformation has been the driving force behind a great deal of digital spending, as clients remain eager to use digital to streamline their operations, finance and supply chain, among others, digitisation of the front-office is being touted as a major opportunity, as client seek to build stronger customer relationships.

Top 100 news publication on digital transformation

Further, digitisation still remains at its infancy, as highlighted by a recent report by McKinsey & Company, which found that growing maturity could still unlock trillions in value. The down-side – an area which has dominated much of the media headlines – is that automation could slash millions of jobs, and not only those in manual labour. Brinded said, “We have covered analysis from a number of firms suggesting as many as 60% of all work activities could be automated by 2055. Digital transformation will remain high on our radar for years to come, then, as it continues to present both opportunities, and challenges, to businesses, consultancies and society as a whole.”

Larry Zeenny, who heads the network, added that he is delighted with the recognition from a leading analytics expert such as Onalytica. “With digital transformation gaining in importance for both our readers and clients, it is great to see that our journalism in the field is being appreciated by the industry’s experts. Beyond the UK, we look forward to build a similar online footprint globally as we extend our platforms and their reach to all corners of the globe.”

Most influential brands for digital transformation

The increasing importance of digital transformation in the professional services world is also reflected by Onalytica’s list of the most influential brands on the topic, which is dominated by names from the IT and consulting industry. Market intelligence firm IDC leads the way, followed by technology giant Microsoft in second place.

One management consultancy took the next two ranks, with McKinsey & Company and the McKinsey Global Institute both being named, before cloud based software provider Five9 rounded off the top five. Analytics firm Gartner followed in sixth, with ERP market leaders SAP in seventh.

Solicitors Forrester & Forrester were followed in eighth by professional services industry players Accenture and IBM. The top 50 was also graced by the presence of PwCCapgeminiAccenture (2x; Accenture Technology and Accenture Interactive), Cognizant and EY.