CGI conducts Training Needs Analysis for UK MoD

19 March 2015 2 min. read

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has hired CGI to assist it with the transformation of the education and training infrastructure for British Army Signallers*. The consulting firm will conduct an assessment of training needs and provide recommendations on training strategy and roll-out.

As part of an on-going programme to improve and transform the training and education of its Armed Forces, the UK MoD has selected IT services firm CGI to assist with a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) at the Defence College of Technical Training of the Royal Signals Communications Systems Operator training. The four-month assessment aims to identify areas of the training programme that would benefit from digitalisation with a focus on ‘blended learning’ – a combination of e-learning, classroom education and complementary self-learning programmes.

“Our current approach to training is based on traditional classroom based teaching. We have commissioned CGI to assess the areas of training that can be more effectively delivered via digital channels or blended with our existing approach to provide an improved learning experience,” explains Garry Hearn, AD Training Transformation at Defence College of Technical Training. “This is a very important step in supporting our efforts to drive digital transformation across the Ministry of Defence and provide world class training to our armed forces,”

UK MoD selects CGI to help assist with e-learning army

Steve Smart, Vice President Space, Defence, National and Cyber Security at CGI UK comments: “We are committed to supporting the Ministry of Defence in the development of new training programmes, enabling it to adapt and modernise training procedures to ensure our armed forces remain amongst the most highly skilled defence professionals in the world.”

The appointment of CGI follows the firm’s long-established history of working in partnership with the UK MoD, with the consulting firm having provided an end to end managed training service to the Defence Academy College of Management and Technology for the past 15 years.

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For GGI it is the second contract with the UK MoD in the space of a few months. Just recently the IT-services and consulting firm was awarded a £11 million contract to help define tactical communications for UK armed forces, as part of the MORPHEUS Programme.

* Army Signallers are communications specialists who operate radios, networks and telecommunications equipment in the UK army.