M&A firm Corporate Finance International harmonises brand across network

13 April 2018 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read

Corporate Finance International, a network of international M&A firms in over twenty countries, has harmonised its brand across its footprint of 26 offices. 

Founded in 2006 by corporate finance firms in the United States (PMCF), Germany and Switzerland (Helbling) and the Netherlands (MBCF), Corporate Finance International (CFI) has since grown into one of the larger M&A networks with a focus on the mid-market segment. Following expansion in Europe, succeeded by market entry into the America’s and the more recent push into Asia, CFI today has around 200 M&A advisors.

After serving the market with a local strategy – the affiliated member firms each offered their offerings under their own local brand, such as, for instance, Gambit in the UK – the network has decided to harmonise its brand globally. Per the 1st of April, all firms have adopted the CFI brand, and while they still retain their local brand, they will at a global level operate under one umbrella. “Using one common brand makes it easier to operate internationally, both internally as well as with our clients,” stated the M&A network on its website. 

Corporate Finance International

CFI clients from sixteen different sector teams, spanning the likes of Aerospace & Defense, Automotive and Consumer & Retail to Energy, Healthcare, Private Equity and Technology. The firm assists family companies, private equity players, entrepreneurs and management teams of mid-sized companies with M&A services such as acquisitions, divestments, mergers, valuations, financing and capital raising, and turnaround. Its focus lies on middle market transactions up to €500 million, with its sweet spot lying in the €10 million to €200 million range. 

Since 2000, CFI’s members have advised on over 500 cross-border deals, with a total value of €25+ billion. To serve clients outside of its key sectors, or in geographies where the network does not have an on the ground presence, CFI works with several associated firms with whom close relationships are nourished for collaboration in (cross-border) transactions. 

The global network, which is privately-held with its shares in the hands of country firms, is headquartered in the Netherlands. At the helm of Corporate Finance International is a leadership team consisting of four directors: the Frenchman Jean-Marc Teurquetil (Chairman), the German Stefan Huber (Vice Chairman), the American Phil Gilbert (Board member) and the Dutchman Raoul Duysens (Board member).

Among the main competitors of Corporate Finance International are the likes of DC Advisory, IMAP, Lincoln en Oaklins and the corporate finance arms of the well-known accounting and consulting networks.

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