Thomas Linton joins financial services BCS Consulting from PwC

08 February 2018 3 min. read
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London-based boutique consultancy BCS has hired former PwC employee Thomas Linton. As a consultant at BCS, Linton will leverage his experience in Risk Consulting to help clients in the financial services industry cope with uncertain times, as the UK and European economies go through a potentially volatile period of change.

As negotiations for Brexit enter a new phase in 2018, uncertainty still surrounds the British market place regarding post-EU life and business, provoking members of Europe’s current financial capital to plan for the worst, and leading the Bank of England to forecast an exit of some 75,000 jobs from the UK financial sector. Meanwhile, landmark regulatory overhauls such as the GDPR mean that financial institutions will be particularly hard hit by compliance expenses. Both these factors have seen the financial services sector increasingly turning to the consulting industry for guidance on how to best navigate this new regulatory environment.

One firm preparing for a busy 2018 thanks to these growing anxieties in London’s financial sector is BCS. The firm, founded in 2001, is a management consultancy which works exclusively with clients in banking and financial services. The consultancy’s portfolio includes a varied and interesting range of multinational and UK banks, smaller banks, insurance firms and payment and card companies, and the London-based firm are regularly engaged by world leading financial services businesses to bring about effective change within their organisations.

Thomas Linton, consultant at BCS Consulting

In order to expand their team of experts, and better cope with client demand, which is expected to increase exponentially this year, BCS has completed the hire of former PwC employee Thomas Linton. Linton last worked for the Big Four firm as a Senior Associate, a role he fulfilled for two years, before leaving in January 2018. During that time, he gained experience in Operational Risk Modelling, Scenario Analysis, Data Collection, Analysis and Evaluation, among other skills – all of which he will be expected to draw upon in his new role.

Prior to being a Senior Associate in PwC’s Risk Consulting team, Linton spent a year at the firm as an Associate Management Consultant. He arrived at the professional services giant in 2014, fresh from obtaining a Master of Science degree in Risk Management, from Nottingham University Business School. Outside of his career, Linton is also a trained football referee, and officiated over junior and adult matches in Cheshire for the English Football Association between 2006 and 2008.

Now, Linton has completed a move to BCS Consulting, where he will work as a consultant. His main focus for the boutique Financial Services consultancy is around Operational Risk and Conduct Risk within financial services firms. 

Commenting on his arrival via LinkedIn, Linton said, “Today was my final day at PwC, it's been a great 4 years working with some awesome people! Onwards and upwards to BCS Consulting, excited for the new challenge...”