Deloitte is calling, as newly hired consultant's song goes viral

26 January 2018 2 min. read
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Stefan Hansen was recently hired as a Business Analyst for the German wing of Deloitte. However, on top of his new role, he has unexpectedly become a musical sensation, having recorded a now-viral pop song in celebration.

While most people take the more orthodox approach of a formal note thanking employers for a new career opportunity, Stefan Hansen went above and beyond the call of duty to show what it meant to him. The new analyst, who won a position at Big Four firm Deloitte’s Dusseldorf office, wrote and recorded an extraordinary song, in order to “express my joy” and sent it to colleagues at the company.

The maraca-laden chorus of Hansen’s bizarre consulting industry ear-worm said that, “Deloitte is calling, is calling, is calling out your name.” This, following an opening verse in which the business analyst, who is employed with a focus on supply chain management, joyfully declared in song that, “We’re born united, but we’re searching for a voice of our own, to make an impact that matters.”

However, while Hansen certainly seems to have found his own voice, for better or worse, he was keen to inspire others to do so with his message. Since urging his superiors to share the song with Deloitte’s substantial global workforce, the song has gone viral, drawing plaudits and mockery in equal measure.

The anthem has presently received almost 60,000 listens on SoundCloud, following its release in the second half of January. A large chunk of this is most likely sourced directly from Deloitte’s 264,000 global employees, having been shared by staff at the firms offices from Dublin to Toronto.

One happy listener commented on the post on SoundCloud, “This is going to be my ringtone for when Partners call me,” while another, perhaps with a hint of irony, added, “I’m just happy he included lyrics so I can sing along.”

Despite such glowing reviews, on the basis of his performance, it might be best practice to advise Hansen not to give up his day job just yet. On the other hand, the Eurovision Song Contest is due to take place in Lisbon this May, and Germany’s entry is yet to be decided, by a televisual contest, on February 22nd.