BCG strikes deal with photograph community EyeEm

20 February 2015 2 min. read

Capturing the business world has recently become a chance to win a place in the publication of a BCG article, not in terms of quantified digits but in the phenomenological richness of a photograph that says it all. In collaboration with EyeEM, the business advisory has created photography missions, the winner of which may be paid to see their photo in print along one of BCG’s publication channels.

“A picture speaks a thousand words” – so the saying goes – and with Pulitzer prise winning photos like “Sudan Famine UN food camp 1994” hitting home destitution, the power a photograph can have on impelling the imagination of an audience to action can out strive even the most carefully contrived rhetoric. Businesses and marketers too know the power imagery and symbolism have on the way humans engage with their brands; for the most recognised brands, even with a generic image of fast-food and a symbol, the imagery is sufficient to remind those caught - hungry to consume.

BCG strikes deal with photograph community EyeEm

EyeEM is a community and marketplace for photography. The platform provides talented photographers the possibility of having their photos discovered and offers a convenient way to sell their photographs. As part its wider features, EyeEM also offers users “missions” that give their photographic efforts a direction and, if successful, a mission winning capture may come to feature on some of the world’s biggest publications.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the globe’s largest management consultancies, renowned for its cutting-edge strategy and business advisory services. In a search to add some novel flair to its image library, the firm set out on a search for talented photographers whose work captures the authentic moments and relationships that make business personal and life-changing. To facilitate this search, BCG has struck a deal with EyeEM.

The goal of the collaboration between BCG and EyeEM is to create images that “convey the modern and unconventional way that BCG challenges established thinking and provide a unique point of view together.” As part of the project a number of missions will be created over the coming period, with the Under Pressure and Precision missions already live.

EyeEm - Examples

To take part in for instance the Under Pressure mission, users are asked to explore the theme of pressure: “Any crowded scene, whether with people or traffic, or indeed, anything else you feel fits the theme of “Under Pressure” is perfect. Use words like noise, busyness, deadlines, rush hour, crowds, travel and intensity as guidelines.” The three winning photographs will be framed and sent to the users’ door, with the (large) possibility for the winning photographs to be used in BCG publications.