PA Consulting & CGI to define army communications

16 February 2015 2 min. read

The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded the NEO team, consisting of among others consulting firms PA Consulting and CGI, an 11 million contract to help define tactical communications for UK armed forces. As part of the contract, the consortium will work closely with the wider UK industry and academia to capture and maximise opportunities for SMEs and suppliers in the MORPHEUS programme.

The MORPHEUS Programme of the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been set up to deliver the next generation of front line tactical communications for the British Army, Royal Marines and RAF Regiment over the next 25 years. The basis for these communications are systems that “meets today’s needs whilst supporting regular technology refreshes to maintain capability in the face of changing operational demands and technical development.”

To help define the systems of tactical communications for UK armed forces, MoD has awarded a consortium of companies, called the NEO team, a technology assessment and system architecture design contract. “Awarding this contract allows Defence the opportunity to really understand the options available to future proof the vital tactical communications capability used by our soldiers, sailors and airmen on operations and here in the UK,” explains Brigadier Richard Spencer, Director of the MoD’s Battlefield and Tactical Communications and Information Systems Delivery Team.

PA Consulting, CGI, QinetiQ and Roke Manor Research awarded UK MoD contract

Under the £11 million contract, the NEO team, consisting of CGI, QinetiQ, and Roke Manor Research led by consulting firm PA Consulting, has been tasked to develop optimal commercial models to support the programme and facilitate innovation. To fulfil their task, the consortium will work together with military personnel and acquisition specialists, system and technology providers, academia, and the wider UK industry to capture ideas and maximise opportunities for SMEs and suppliers in the programme.

Commenting on the contract, Andrew Creber, Defence Expert at PA Consulting, says:  “All the members of the NEO Team are excited about the opportunity to work with the MoD on this key programme. Being impartial and having highly complementary skills, we are committed to identifying technical architectures and commercial business models that will ensure the effective exploitation of innovative technologies throughout the life of the programme.”