Accenture partners with Pivotal to help enterprises run like start-ups

07 December 2017 3 min. read
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Accenture and Pivotal have partnered to launch a new business group to help enterprises emulate disruptive start-ups leveraging cloud technology. The group will work with enterprises to help them migrate legacy applications to the cloud, enabling clients to adopt cloud-native technology to build software at scale within their own software practices.

Digital technologies such as cloud computing, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning are impacting organisations across all industries, as exemplified by the banking industry, which, despite having weathered various storms, is now coming under increased pressure from new competitors, wielding new innovations.

The availability and application of new, disruptive technologies is evidently changing the world, as well as the way business is done, as market incumbents are now desperate to match the new organisations gaining market share by using developments such as the cloud. The consulting industry is, therefore, increasingly being required by clients to advise on the process – something which recently saw firm &samhoud publish an e-book aimed at accelerating the restructuring of businesses’ internal structures – with the latest development in the sector seeing Accenture partner with software firm Pivotal to form a new business dedicated to assisting large clients in leveraging cloud technology, so often employed by rapidly growing start-ups.Accenture partners with Pivotal to help enterprises run like start-ups

The Accenture Pivotal Business Group (APBG) will seek to help Fortune Global 500 companies and other large enterprises accelerate their software development and innovate at start-up speed, by assisting the migration of legacy applications to the cloud, as well as accelerating the cloud-native application development of Pivotal’s own platform, the Cloud Foundry (PCF). Operated and managed by Accenture and powered by Pivotal’s next-generation software development methodology, the APBG will offer clients new capabilities for developing modern cloud-native products and services that leverage artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies in areas such as the internet of things and connected cars and homes.

Accenture and Pivotal will launch two APBG locations, one in Columbus, Ohio, and another in New York City. The joint facilities will be dedicated spaces where APBG will help large enterprises rapidly migrate their businesses onto PCF and prototype innovative products and services. The group has already begun work with companies in the banking and insurance sectors.

Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, said of the project, “By combining our cloud services expertise with Pivotal’s software development methodology and platform, the Accenture Pivotal Business Group will help clients accelerate the pace of new innovations and fast-track their digital transformation. Together we will help clients adopt cloud-native technology, build software at scale, and use an iterative, high-speed model, enabling them to be more agile, disruptive and competitive.”

Rob Mee, Pivotal’s CEO, added, “The Accenture Pivotal Business Group’s vision is to help the world’s largest enterprises move at startup speed to respond to customer expectations and bring new ideas to market faster. We will help clients continuously improve the software applications that run their businesses, freeing them to focus on higher-value aspects of their businesses while dramatically increasing developer productivity and operational efficiencies.”