UK consultancy Egremont Group sees rapid growth in the US

08 November 2017 4 min. read
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Over the six months following the set-up of its office in the United States, UK-based Egremont Group has seen rapid growth. While the US is the world’s most developed consulting market and the firm is comparatively small, CEO Sean Connolly believes that their scale has enabled them to be more agile than larger competitors, helping them build on their previous total revenue growth of 167% over the past three years.

The performance of the Egremont Group has seen it recognised as one of the fastest growing consultancy firms in the US. The American management consulting market is the largest and most mature in the world – currently estimated as being worth around $58 billion – making it both an alluring anda daunting proposition for new arrivals looking to compete with the world’s largest consultancies for a slice of the market.

Despite the risks, a number of consulting firms made the cross-Atlantic journey to establish US operations. In September, British consultancy Brickendon opened the doors of a new international office in Raleigh, while FinTech advisory 11:FS arrived in America from Europe with their sights set on the world’s financial capital, establishing an office in New York in August.

UK consultancy Egremont Group sees rapid growth in the US

Elixirr, the third fastest expanding consultancy in Europe, have also invested significant resources into entering America, recently hiring a former lead of Capgemini’s digital practice to their growing US outfit. Along with the other young consultancies making a name for themselves Stateside, Egremont arrived in Chicago in May of 2017. The move followed a period of phenomenal growth for the consultancy.

Growth in total revenue between 2013 and 2016 was 167%. As the consulting firm sought to build on that, Egremont have obtained a number of high profile clients from their US adventure so far, including pharmacy Walgreens, for whom they have been delivering an ambitious business transformation programme which has directly touched more than 100,000 employees to date. In addition, the firm has worked with Snapfish to help shape the company’s new operating model, end-to-end core processes and organisation design as well as the right economic model and the leadership approach required to ensure sustainable success.

Sean Connolly, CEO at Egremont Group said of the group’s success, “Egremont Group has steadily built up our reputation in the US over a number of years and we have seen demand for our consultancy services take off in 2017. Our strength is in helping large organisations with a dispersed workforce to achieve transformational change, we do that by bringing UK and European retail expertise to our clients, employing different and refreshing thinking.”

Connolly went on to explain why he believes the firm have taken to the new environment so well, stating, “Our ability to field a small consulting team, which works with a much larger client team, transferring our skills and partnering with them to design and deliver change enables us to scale the work quickly. We deliver exceptional business results through deep insight and expertise, working alongside our clients to bring the best out of them, helping them to solve their most intractable problems collaboratively… In an uncertain world, where the only certain thing is change, organisations need to be able to embed the ability to change into their DNA. We call that being ‘changeable’ and we can help you make that change.”