Smartphone owners will spend way more money

18 November 2012 1 min. read

Smartphone owners will spend more money than other consumers during christmas and end of the year periods. A lot more, because their total expense lies 72% higher than that of other consumers. That is what advisory firm Deloitte concludes based on an investigation among 5.000 American consumers.

Smartphone owners

According to Deloitte, 68% of smartphone owners, who usually belong to the more capital poweful customers, will use their devices as a shopping guide and buying platform during this period. On average with these activities a sum of $ 1.428 will be spended. That is 72% more than other consumers. According the report it has to be expected the turnover related to smartphone related activities will represent an amount of $36 billion. With this, smartphones will make up for 5,1% of the total end of the year purchases.

Deloitte - Smartphones

Mobile commerce important to retailers

According to Deloitte it is necessary that retailers will not only focus on direct sales, but also use mobile platforms to reach different consumers in different manners.  Deloitte says it expects retailers will try to attract these consumers with applications, wifi-access and special promotions. Also personnel of the actual phsysical shops should be prepared for these activities.

“The shop will remain the most central spot for end of the year purchases, but its role shows a distinctive shift” Deloitte added. “ The physical and virtual shopping experiences are coming together more and more.” Researchers concluded that according to 48% also social media will be incorporated in the shopping proces,  of this 54% says it will use social media to look for discounts, 53% looks for inspirition on buying gifts and 53% will use it to find product reviews.