Big Four and Capgemini dominate best FinTech and InsurTech reports

06 September 2017 5 min. read

FinTech and InsurTech are causing massive disruption among their relevant sectors, as agile new start-ups utilise new technology to challenge long-term market incumbents. Those looking to stay ahead of the game with latest insights should keep an eye out for thought leadership from consulting firms. Capgemini, Accenture and the Big Four are all at the heart of industry leading research, according to an expert panel.

The financial technology (FinTech) and insurance technology (InsurTech) sectors leverage a range of new technologies to provide clients with revolutionary methods of competing with top businesses. This has resulted in a number of innovative – and potentially disruptive – companies developing propositions, as a result of the continued high demand for financial and insurance services. The value of the two industries – coupled with the potential for capital light newcomers to bypass incumbents’ dependence on legacy systems – has subsequently opened the door for substantial digital disruption.

For companies looking to become the next market disruptors, or dominant market incumbents looking to defend their market standing from newcomers, Crowd Valley compiles a list of the most impactful and interesting FinTech and InsurTech reports every six months. The analyst firm takes dozens of research reports under scrutiny before sharing a list of the very best.

According to the analysts, the following are the ten most important documents to have been published in the first half of 2017 regarding FinTech and InsurTech.

The best FinTech reports:

1. Capgemini - The World FinTech Report 2017
Traditional Financial Services firms are struggling as they seek to successfully apply innovative FinTech-like capabilities in the quest for transformative results, despite attempting to acknowledge the impact of FinTech on the shifting industry landscape. There is also a notable generational gap in the uptake of FinTech services by consumers. Consulting firm Capgemini explores some of these key issues in its World FinTech Report.

Best FinTech reports

2. PwC - Global FinTech Report 2017
FinTech and Financial Services are treating each other less as competition, and are increasingly coming together, as the latter realise it would be easier to use their financial clout to co-opt their rivals than to struggle against them. In this report, professional services giant PwC explores the FinTech’s growing influence on Financial Services in its Global FinTech report.

3. EY - FinTech Adoption Index
While EY researchers contend in this study that FinTech has reached a tipping point, the survey of over 22,000 digitally active consumers also highlights the impressive and rapid growth in adoption of FinTechs. Exploring the variations among 20 different mature and developing markets, there is rapidly becoming little room for expansion thanks to the rapid uptake of FinTechs, suggesting the industry may soon be normalised, and a victim of its own success.

4. KPMG - The Pulse of FinTech Q1 2017 | The Pulse of FinTech Q2 2017
In two reports covering the opening quarters of 2017, KPMG examines international trends and deal activity within the FinTech industry. The papers focus on a range of factors, including how the recent adoption of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has boosted the growth of FinTech activity in Europe, while fear of disruption has seen venture capital become increasingly cautious around angelseed funding rounds.

5. CBInsights - Global FinTech Report Q1 2017 | Global FinTech Report Q2 2017
This wide-ranging FinTech double-report by CBInsights makes a data-driven analysis of global financial technology investment trends, considering the top deals, most active investors, and major corporate activity that took place in 2017 so far.

6. Deloitte - Digital transformation in financial services
Big Four advisory Deloitte’s new study on digital transformation suggests that to become fully digital enterprises, many Financial Services firms will likely need to become more inward focused, innovating the employee experience in order to deliver bottom-up change of their business practices.

7. StartupBootcamp - The State of FinTech in 2017
Drawing out parallels between general technology trends relating to macro scale figures, while correlating the statistics to the impact on FinTech, StartupBootcamp takes a wider view of the direction in which the market may be heading.

PwC, Capgemini, Accenture, EY

The best InsurTech reports:

1. PwC - Global InsurTech Report 2017
Having previously written one of the top reports on FinTech of the year, PwC returns to Crowd Valley’s list, with a report based on the responses of 189 senior Insurance Sector executives from 40 countries.

2. Capgemini - Top Ten Trends in Insurance 2017
Fellow returners Capgemini meanwhile published a report exploring the two driving forces behind the insurance industry; connected technologies and data analysis.

3. Accenture - The Rise of InsurTech
In Accenture’s report on Insurtech, researchers with the firm explore a wave of start-up driven innovation and how it is putting insurers’ approaches to innovation and technology under the spotlight, highlighting the challenges these traditional companies often face.

4. EY - Global Insurance M&A themes 2017
The increase in large deal activity could be interpreted as a sign that insurers have decided to get on with addressing their strategic priorities despite ongoing global uncertainty. EY explores the shift in the insurance industry and adoption of Insurtech.

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