Germany, UK and Poland are Europe's largest beer producers

11 August 2017

The UK is Europe’s second largest beer producer, according to analysis of data from Eurostat. British brewing was only surpassed by EU memberstate Germany, who were the European Union’s top producers of alcoholic beer.

Last year, 39 billion litres of beer containing alcohol were produced in the European Union (EU), 400 million litres more than in 2015. The EU beer production was equivalent to 76 litres per inhabitant. In addition, nearly 900 million litres (2%) contained less than 0.5% alcohol or no alcohol at all were produced in the EU in 2016.

Two-thirds of all alcoholic beer produced in the EU came from just six member states over the previous year. The dominant nation among all others was, perhaps expectedly, major brewing nation Germany, which produced a total of 8.3 billion litres (or 21% of the EU total production). In other words, about one in every five beers containing alcohol produced in the EU came out of Germany. The EU’s largest economy was followed by the United Kingdom, with 5.1 billion litres produced, or 13%, ahead of Poland (4.0 billion litres, or 10%), Spain (3.7 billion litres, or 9%), and the Netherlands (2.6 billion litres, or 7%) and Belgium (2.3 billion litres or 6%).

Beer production in the European Union (billion liters)

Britain’s high-ranking among the brewery states came despite the news that London-listed SAB-Miller, one of the world’s four largest brewers, had been bought by Belgian brewing conglomerate Ab-InBev, as two of beer’s Big Four were joined through a mega-deal. Heineken, and Denmark's Carlsberg are the other top breweries of Europe. Heineken, a major exporter to the United States, remains the Dutch market leader in the beer industry.

In terms of imports to the EU meanwhile, Mexico dominated the market. Of all the specific beers imported to the European Union, variants like Sol, Desperados and Corona appeared to be the most popular. The Member States jointly imported 179.5 million litres of alcoholic beer from the North American country. Here too Heineken is one of the two major exporters, with brands like Sol and Dos Equis.

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Red Consultancy helps Hendrick's to launch new gin

09 April 2019

Red Consultancy has been signed up by Hendrick’s to help launch the famous distiller’s new limited edition gin. The consultancy collaborated with Hendrick’s to install floral phone boxes across UK cities, which presented entrants with free samples to the Midsummer Solstice drink.

Britain’s gin industry is now worth well over £1.2 billion – having more than doubled in size since 2011. With little sign of the industry’s boom going bust any time soon, demand for the trendy spirit has led to a boom in the number of businesses centring on either distilling or selling the spirit, with a growing number of ‘gin palaces’ doing both.

As UK distillery Hendrick’s Gin looks to prepare for another busy Summer, the company has launched its first ever limited-edition gin – Midsummer Solstice – with flower obliterations up and down the country. In order to help promote the new product to a wide audience, Hendrick’s enlisted the help of Red Consultancy, which began working to launch Midsummer Solstice following a competitive tender process earlier in 2019.Red Consultancy helps Hendrick's to launch new ginRed Consultancy’s efforts eventually led to a number of experiential, floral phone box portals being unveiled across London, Brighton, Manchester, Edinburgh and Liverpool to mark the launch of the campaign. Curious consumers who entered the floral phone boxes were gifted with a first taste of the new gin – either with a ‘Stem for a Serve’ redeemable at a local bar or in the tasting room of the London’s Soho Square launch.

Commenting on the campaign, James Taylor, Senior Brand Manager at Hendrick’s Gin commented, “The floral transformation of the once forgotten phone box are the perfect space to create a sensorial portal to our unusual brand world and transport curious minds back to simpler, less-connected times before social media and mobile technology transformed the way we communicate. A space where you can stop, literally smell the roses, and consider your true meaningful connections – the perfect way for us to celebrate the launch of Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice with a disruptive activation.”

The gin itself is already available at Waitrose, and will become available throughout the summer. Its public relations launch will be further supported by paid social media and in-store activity throughout that time, before its limited run comes to an end.

Red Consultancy is a professional services firm which offers advisory services to clients looking for PR, digital and content expertise via its 140 staff in its Soho offices. The firm develops and manages campaigns, runs major press offices, and steers brands and businesses through engagement with media, consumers, customers, stakeholders and internal audiences both domestically and internationally.

Recently, the firm was involved in a campaign with smartphone maker Huawei, helping it promote its AI-driven completion of Schubert’s famous Unfinished Symphony.