Capgemini launces Automotive Insights Laboratory

21 January 2015 2 min. read
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Global services firm Capgemini has recently launched an Automotive Insights Laboratory, forming a key part of its AutomotiveConnect offering, which aims to help car manufacturers leverage Big Data to improve their customer experience.

Capgemini’s new Automotive Insights Laboratory, a digital virtual lab, sets out to help vehicle manufacturers gain value from data to enable improved customer experience in car purchasing and aftermarket service. It pursues this goal by leveraging a global team of specialised consultants, analysts and data scientists who gather and dissect real-time data from several sources, including macroeconomic trends, geographic habits and social media,  in order to provide customer insights and predict future consumer behaviour.

Capgemini - Automotive

“The industry needs to improve its ability to combine intelligence about vehicles and consumers to produce insights that can be actioned. Companies should, for example, be able to predict when a consumer will be looking to change their car, and what sort of car they are likely to buy,” explains Kai Grambow, Global Head of Automotive at Capgemini.

The lab is developed from early programs with automotive clients across multiple geographies*, where the leveraged insights led, according to the consulting firm, to an improvement in consumer profiling and targeting, renewal and loyalty, and enhanced predictions for pricing, demand and warranty claims.

The Automotive Insights Laboratory is a key part developed for Capgemini's wider AutomotiveConnect, which aims at supporting automotive manufacturers and dealerships respond to disruptive fluctuations in consumer behaviour and expectations. AutomotiveConnect, according to Capgemini, leverages its consulting and technology expertise and combines a range of digital services that address the entire customer lifecycle.

“With our Automotive Insights Laboratory and overall AutomotiveConnect service, we have combined our extensive experience in working alongside some of the world’s most well-known car manufacturers with our expertise in digital transformation to enable the smarter driving experience, that we know customers are now expecting and which has the potential to revolutionise the business models of OEMs in this sector,” concludes Grambow.

* 10 pilots across India, China, Sweden, UK and North America.