BDO selects Nuix as eDiscovery solution for forensic investigations

20 July 2017 3 min. read

The Dutch wing of accounting and consulting firm BDO has selected Nuix as its software provider of choice to conduct large-scale, complex forensic investigations. 

The Forensics & Litigation arm of BDO Netherlands provides a range of investigation services to law enforcement, prosecution and regulatory agencies, as well as for corporations, major banks and law firms. In doing so, the firm uses specialised eDiscovery software. The firm's prior solution’s capabilities had been falling short of the increasingly complex demands from advisors and clients.

According to Bart Bleeker, a Technology Manager for Forensics & Litigation Support at BDO, this partnership is therefore as a win-win. He further said, “Our prior solution had very few of the attributes of Nuix. We’ve run several projects with Nuix, with a total data load of 10 terabytes and it has been faultless. The speed and accuracy of Nuix will allow us to conduct investigations with larger data sets than ever before, and help clients quicker and more efficiently."

The newly tapped solution, Nuix eDiscovery Workstation, offers a complete and scalable off-the-shelf solution for processing, investigation, analysis, review and production. Nuix Web Review & Analytics, one of the suite’s offerings, meanwhile, enables BDO advisors, investigators and clients to work remotely when collaborating on investigations. The advisory firm will use the solution to handle large volumes of data for digital investigations, insider threats, cybersecurity, eDiscovery, information governance, compliance and privacy.

BDO selects Nuix as eDiscovery solution for forensic investigations

Contrary to other international markets, eDiscovery techniques have a unique place in the Netherlands, as the Dutch law system rarely uses proceedings for pre-trial discovery or disclosure. In the United States or United Kingdom, for instance, such proceedings are more commonplace. “The Dutch civil legal system places the emphasis on both parties to yield evidence for their claims, and this in turn puts the emphasis on eDiscovery capabilities”, explained Martijn Hin, a Partner at BDO Advisory and a KPMG alumnus. 

As such, for consulting firms active in the field the use of eDiscovery solutions is critical, in that clients must be able to bring forth relevant evidence – no small task when digital trails are growing exponentially across multiple file types. Hin added, “Nuix is the perfect partner for us. It helps us narrow in on the critical piece of information. The firm’s software is second-to-none in how it allows us to process huge amount of unstructured data, in a wide variety of file types, quickly. Most of all, it helps us and our clients make sense of the vast pools of information that reside within their networks. The speed of investigations is incredible and the feedback from clients has been resounding.” 

Jonathan Rees, Nuix’s CEO for the EMEA region, commented, “The Dutch market provides an interesting case for eDiscovery software, with the specific legal processes in the market meaning it must be as effective as possible. For BDO Netherlands to have such resounding confidence in Nuix’s technology is very pleasing. Coupled with their extensive investigative expertise, it’s a very productive partnership.”