Event to showcase Professional Services potential of AI

06 July 2017 Consultancy.uk 5 min. read
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London is set to host an event showcasing AI for the Professional Services industry. The day-long conference will feature talks from 16 speakers at the forefront of digital change across the sector, with innovation champions from top firms including KPMG, IBM and BearingPoint all present.

Alternative AI for Professional Services, is a conference aimed at supplying objective information to law firms, accountancy and consultancy practices and legal firms with an interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential to transform the professional services market. The programme, which will take place in London on the 27th of November, features a broad mix of strategic plenaries, panel debates, case studies and round table discussions. Rather than projecting what a robotic economy in the distant future might look like though, the event will focus entirely on the rapidly evolving global professional services market of the immediate future.

With growing appetites for the use of technology across industries as diverse as manufacturing and healthcare solutions, as many as 5% of global jobs could be set for complete automation in the coming years. With digital disruption threatening to overwhelm unprepared companies who attempt to leverage revolutionary automation technologies without a long-term plan, many global companies have been seeking help on the matter, with digital consulting markets booming.

Event to showcase Professional Services potential of AI

However, while top professional service industry players are usually quick to recommend long-term digital strategies to clients, they are also prone to be underprepared themselves, and could well be missing out on the full potential of AI in their own business structures. To that end, conference organisers intend for delegates to leave the event fully able to make informed decisions about AI – with reinforced knowledge of the opportunities, threats and potential impact on professional services at the front of their minds.

Industry Experts

Along with a number various industry showcases, the conference will host a variety of seminars with the aim of informing professional service providers of the opportunity Artificial Intelligence presents, while sparking debate surrounding its industrial implications.

The opening plenary will kick things off with the latest technology trends in AI for business and for professional services, including Blockchain technology, virtual reality and automation within both business-consumer relations and B2B transactions. While the opening talk will be delivered by keynote speaker Greg Williams, Editor-in-Chief of technology-focused WIRED magazine, there will also be a host of professional services industry captains present.

Anish Shah, Head of Robotics and AI at multidisciplinary consultancy Capita will co-host a talk on pricing, along with Head of Innovation at Big Four firm KPMG – who are currently aiming to bolster their FinTech wing – Shamus Rae, and Nick West, Chief Sales Officer at Mishcon De Reya, as the three consider how modern professional services companies can charge for AI-based solutions.

Later talks will also see BearingPoint – whose venture arm recently invested in Norwegian FinTech Tribe – represented by Innovation and R&D Head Mark Burnett present a seminar on utilising ‘chatbot’ technology to disseminate and collect knowledge requirements for consulting firms, as well as appearing on the a panel discussing the potential for AI to help find needles amid the growing haystacks of data collected by professional services’ increasingly efficient digitised techniques. Burnett will be joined on the panel by Professor Birgitte Andersen – CEO and Co-Creator of the Big Innovation Centre – and IBM’s Peter Waggett, who is the Director of Emerging Technology at Big Blue.

According to the organisers of Alternative AI for Professional Services, “This event will help attendants cut through the hype about AI and focus on the business benefits. Currently, there is no agnostic, objective source of information about the commercial potential of AI in professional services. This event will focus on the immediate outcomes for professional services, by providing ‘everything you need to know’ about AI, in one place in one day.”

For more information on the event, see the website of Alternative AI for Professional Services.