Management Consultants top list of best jobs for travel lovers

12 May 2017 Authored by

Management Consultants are top of the pile when it comes to the perfect job for wannabe globe-trotters, the international employment website Indeed has revealed.

While a number of jobs included in the top 15 rankings included many more traditional travel-oriented roles such as Travel Writers and Photographers, Airline Pilots and Flight Attendants – all of whom notch up 100% travel time in their fields – the recent study by the research wing of the job search platform placed Management Consultants, as the number one choice for job-seekers looking for a jet-setting new career.

With up to 80% of travel time, as they visit a variety of companies to advise ways to improve their business, Management Consultants also boast the highest annual earnings in the short-list, with an average income of around £55,236. With a wage of over £9,000 more than the closest comparison of Freelance Designers – who travel 100% of the time – Management Consultancies ranked as the best of both worlds for wanderlusts looking for a well-paid role.

Management Consultants top list of best jobs for travel lovers

The top 15 jobs for travel lovers:

1. Management consultant - £55,236 average annual earnings and up to 80% of travel time.
2. Freelance designer - £45,754 and up to 100% of travel time.
3. Travel nurse - £42,886 and the opportunity to travel during a 13 week contract.
4. Retail buyer - £39,175 and at least 10% of travel time.
5. Airline pilot - £34,575 and up to 100% of travel time.
6. Global events manager - £34,519 and up to 50% of travel time.
7. Auditor - £34,062 and up to 15% of travel time.
8. Travel writer - £32,791 and up to 100% of travel time.
9. Travel photographer - £32,470 and up to 100% of travel time.
10. Pharmaceutical sales representative - £32,062 and at least 50% of travel time.
11. Recruiter - £30,351 and at least 20% of travel time.
12. Travel agent - £24,333 and 30-40% of travel time.
13. Flight attendant - £20,419 and up to 100% of travel time.
14. Ski instructor - £15,708 and seasonal travel.
15. Stage hand - £8.22 per/hour and up to six months away on a contract

According to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the UK has around 350,000 professional services business, including 140,000 management consulting firms, of which more than 80% are active as an independent consultant entity. Around 45,000 consultants in the UK work for consultancies that are member of the MCA, UK’s representative body for the consulting industry.