Steer Davies Gleave appoints Fiona Tuck as Associate

13 July 2017 1 min. read
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Steer Davies Gleave has appointed Fiona Tuck as an Associate in its recently launched Economic Development service line. Tuck will help the firm's clients tackle their main economic challenges, focused on skills and labour market dynamics.

Prior to joining Steer Davies Gleave (SGD), Fiona Tuck worked at Trends Business Research, in her most recent role as Director and Head of Research. She joined the firm in 2005 and steadily climbed the ranks, focusing on the analysis of economic development agendas for the delivery of actionable insights. Her past clients include players in the UK’s creative and cultural industries, in addition she has worked with key development agencies, and with various government and local government departments.

Tuck holds a degree in Applied Communication from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Fiona Tuck - Steer Davies Gleave

Tuck joins the firm as an Associate in its SDG Economic Development business line. She will be called upon by the firm to support the full range of its services to clients, with particularly emphasis on skills and labour market dynamics in relation to sector development.

The Economic Development advisory service was launched in Manchester earlier this year, with Director Simon Pringle at its helm. The line is focused on improving client competitiveness across home and European markets to regional clients.

Commenting on the appointment of Tuck, Pringle, says that he is “delighted” to welcome Tuck to its growing integrated economic development team. He adds, “She will draw on her strong track record of work to drive forward the growth of our services across the skills, employment and sector agendas.”

Besides Manchester, Steer Davies Gleave also has UK offices in Leeds and London. Globally the firm has 18 hubs on four continents.