Deloitte Australia and DIGIVIZER sign analytics alliance

09 February 2015 2 min. read

Deloitte Australia and Australian social analytics company DIGIVIZER have signed an analytics alliance. The partnership aims at bringing real-time social analytics to strategic business consulting, offering insights to organisations, ranging from interactions between consumers and brands to increase profits to risk management.

DIGIVIZER is an Australian social analytics technology company established in 2010. The firm has developed its own technology to provide systematic, real-time insights into the millions of conversations that take place on a daily basis among Australians on the social web. These insights provide organisations with social profiles of the people who matter most to their organisation - the customers and influencers – allowing them to “create more relevant, personalised, targeted and well-timed messaging to result in greater response rates, conversions, customer engagement and satisfaction.”

In line with their ambition to bring real-time social analytics to strategic business consulting and technology services, professional services firm Deloitte Australia and DIGIVIZER signed an exclusive Alliance Agreement. Through the use of sophisticated social analytics, the two firms aim at providing unprecedented visibility into how consumers, employees, influencers and the market interact with brands, services, products, people and business processes.

Social Analytics

Frank Farrall, National Leader of Deloitte Digital, on the value of the partnership: “By adding real-time social data to the view of customers and market opportunities, organisations can finally close the gap in customer insights, providing a complete view of all consumer activities, effective customer loyalty and engagement – from product through to marketing, sales and service strategies. This arrangement represents a strong point of differentiation for Deloitte in data and digital. There are many providers of social data in the market but we believe that DIGIVIZER’s unique intellectual property sets it apart and helps us create differentiated propositions for our clients, capturing the real-time value of social data in a structured and efficient way.”

For Deloitte, the alliance also has an additional value in the area of proactive risk management as the role of DIGIVIZER social analytics will help the consulting firm’s Risk and Crisis Management practices better understand and manage clients’ social and reputational risks.

Frank Farrall and Emma Lo Russo

Emma Lo Russo, CEO of DIGIVIZER, adds: “Organisations can now take advantage of Deloitte’s consulting expertise to implement new business practices incorporating our social analytics technology and services. The real-time insights we harvest with our home-grown technology can now assist businesses more deeply and directly in Australia and beyond. We believe we can redesign the way businesses go to market and engage with customers. By combining Deloitte’s consulting expertise with DIGIVIZER’s social analytics technology we can change the market landscape for acquisition, risk assessment, cross-selling, retention and loyalty programs.”