Insurer Alecta hires CGI to modernise its IT capabilities in five year contract

28 February 2017 2 min. read

Alecta, a Swedish insurance firm, has appointed CGI as its IT modernisation vendor. CGI will deliver a range of IT related services, for the five year contract valued at around €33 million.

Alecta is a Swedish insurance company, formed in 1917. Today the company manages around €1.6 billion in pension payouts per year, while managing €80 billion in pension insurance capital for 33,000 businesses and their more than 2 million employees.  

CGI has won a contract to supply Alecta with an outsourced modernisation of its IT services environment and infrastructure. The firm will supply the firm with a range of new technologies, from a cloud-based self-service portal and new automated features, to improved service-level agreement (SLA) management.

CGI wins five year contract to manage and implement Alecta's IT modernisation

The new IT environment for Alecta will include both public and private cloud features, based on the sensitivity of the required data and its management. The firm will also provide a range of additional services, including applications management, IT support, and a number of communication, security and logistics services.

CGI has worked with the insurer since 1996 on a range of IT related projects. The new contract has a five-year duration, with the option for a two year renewal, and is valued at around €33 million.

“CGI is very familiar with our needs and challenges, which means it can be proactive in day-to-day work,” said Ulf Larsson, CIO at Alecta. “We were looking for a partner that can drive and support the transformation of our IT environment, and with CGI’s modernized infrastructure services and knowledge of our needs, we feel secure in choosing it as a partner for our future development.”

“Our long term partnership demonstrates Alecta’s ongoing confidence in the quality of services CGI delivers, which have helped to improve its operational performance,” said Pär Fors, Senior Vice-President of CGI’s operations in Sweden. “This new agreement also demonstrates Alecta’s confidence in our ability to offer modern IT support that meets its strict demands for quality, availability and functionality. We look forward to being an innovative partner that contributes to Alecta’s future business development and success.”