Mott MacDonald and Sweco hired to upgrade M3 and M27 junctions

08 February 2017 2 min. read

Highways England has hired Mott MacDonald and Sweco to deliver smart motorway upgrades between junctions 4-11 of the M27 and junctions 9-14 of the M3. The value of the deal has not been disclosed.

The ‘smart motorways programme’ of Highways England is focused on investing around £2 billion every year to combat key areas of traffic congestions across 470 kilometres of the UK’s highway network. The programme focuses on leveraging a range of technologies that, among others, add dynamic changes to the speed limit to smooth traffic flow, actively warn drivers of conditions, and trigger the closing of lanes to improve access for emergency vehicles. Through the scheme the roads will, according to Highways England, be able to better facilitate drivers to reach their destinations as well as reduce their risks.

The latest appointment from Highways England sees Mott MacDonald and Sweco, as joint partners under the titled MMS joint venture*, design and develop two smart motorways in the South England, situated between junctions 4-11 of the M27 and junctions 9-14 of the M3.

M3 and M27 junctions

The work will, among others, involve the leveraging of a range of technologies that improve and better regulate highway movement, including message signs and signals, CCTV, vehicle detection and variable mandatory speed limit enforcement cameras.

Commenting on the appointment, MMS JV contract Director John Owens says, “We are delighted to have been selected by Highways England to deliver this phase of its smart motorways plan as part of its collaborative delivery framework. Being awarded this latest smart motorways project is testament to the expertise of our transportation team and the quality of our service delivery.”

* Mott MacDonald and Sweco have worked together since 2010, with a range of projects under their belt, including for Highways England.