CGI launches new cybersecurity centre in Toulouse, France

01 December 2016 2 min. read

In a bid to boost its cybersecurity defence capacity in France, which is experiencing an uptick in activity, CGI has launched a new cybersecurity centre in Toulouse, France. The centre provides a range of cybersecurity managed services for clients.

Cybersecurity concerns are on the rise, as insecure networks arising from digital transformation increase in number, while cybercriminals gorge themselves on an abundance of low hanging fruit. Last year, roughly $400 billion in damages were recorded to the world economy from cyber-related crime. The UK companies by no means avoided costs – the costs to large organisations ranging from just under £1.5 million to £3.14 millionFrance too continues to see a rise in incidents, the French national cybersecurity agency, the ANSSI, noted a 50% rise in reports of IT security incidents in 2015.

Given the dramatic rise in activity, as well as an increase in vulnerability of key business functions and processes, companies globally are becoming increasingly concerned about cybersecurity; it now features in the due diligence process for a large number of companies, while PE firms see it as a key concern in their wider outlook. Cybersecurity insurance coverage is expected to rise sharply in the coming years, while consultancy firms are increasingly investing in capacity in the segment.

CGI launches new cybersecurity centre in Toulouse

CGI's cybersecurity centre in Toulouse

The launch of CGI’s new cybersecurity centre in Toulouse, France, represents a continuation of the trend among consultancy- and technology firms to bolster their cybersecurity offering to clients globally. The new centre, the IT consulting firm highlights in a press statement, combines a range of capabilities that allows them to actively monitor and manage the security situation of clients, including the detection of intrusions as well as deployment of countermeasures.

Jean-Michel Baticle, President of CGI’s operations in France, Luxembourg and Morocco, remarks, “The opening of our first centre in France is a pivotal milestone in the evolution of our cybersecurity services as we strive to meet clients’ increasing and changing security demands. It’s a demonstration of our commitment to help clients navigate the complexity of today’s security environment and implement the right solutions to keep their organisations and customers safe.”

“Security is a top priority for our clients", says Laurent Geri, Vice-President of CGI’s Center of Excellence for Digital Transformation. "In fact, 62% of clients consider security to be evolving from a reactive and defensive need to a key competitive differentiator within their value proposition, and it is no longer ‘business as usual’ when it comes to enterprise security. Our new cybercentre in France plays a vital role in helping clients increase their security focus, investment and success.”

Earlier this year PwC launched a cybercentre in Ireland, while rival Deloitte opened a Cyber Intelligence Centre in The Hague.