Mace and TfL support primary school in London with tube library

09 November 2016 2 min. read

Mace, and its Mace Foundation, have supported the creation of a ‘tube’ library at Coopers Lane Primary School in London, by facilitating the installation of an old tube carriage in the school’s playground. The project, which was also supported by Mace suppliers, forms part of a wider London Underground transportation theme at the school.

Coopers Lane Primary School is situated in Grove Park in the borough of Lewisham, London. The school was recently the recipient of a new ‘tube’ library from Transport for London (TfL). The library is to provide 600 pupils at the school with a dedicated space for developing key reading skills into the future. The opening of the new library took place on 1 November.

The library, which is formed from a 15-tonne 1975 D-Stock District Line tube carriage, was hoisted into place by a network of cranes. Mace, and a number of its supply chain, witnessed the key component of the project. The professional services firm, and charity arm the Mace Foundation, provided project management for the whole process, with the team of 35 people working on the project recording 1,600 recorded volunteer hours and £65,000 worth of pro bono support.

Mace installs a London tube carriage in Cooper Lane Primary School

The tube library, and its outside learning space, is part of a wider plan for the school –  and is supported by Mace. The plan involves theming the school with London Underground features, including naming classrooms after well-known London tube stations, such as Wimbledon, Angel and Embankment, and transforming the school’s playground with an outside learning space which includes the ‘tube’ library, a pretend station platform and a mini ticket office.

Alongside Mace’s support, TfL and Mace supply chain partners also supported the project. Mace's suppliers include PJ Careys, CH2M, Imtech and the KN Group – they also provided pro-bono work to deliver the primary school's plans. The project is the second of its kind, with a successful implementation having taken place at Plumcroft Primary School in London.

Davendra Dabasia, Director at Mace says, “The project could not have gone ahead without our supportive supply chain who donated their time and resource – they deserve a great amount of credit. Everyone wanted to be involved and now we have created a legacy for the school.”

James Mole, Assistant Deputy Head at Coopers Lane Primary School, adds, “When the children arrived back after six weeks of summer holidays they were so excited to see this tube in their playground. It has taken a lot of planning and organisation so we are very glad to have had Mace on board!”