Deloitte & McKinsey advisors release business book

29 December 2014 3 min. read

Former Deloitte & McKinsey consultants Josemaria Siota and Luiz Zorzella have, after three years of research, published their book titled Revenue Growth: Four Proven Strategies.

In the forward to ‘Revenue Growth: Four Proven Strategies’ Harvard Business School professor, Thales Teixeira, writes: “Long gone are the days of setting a long-term strategy and following it closely. Today’s business environment requires that managers adapt and change their business models on an on-going basis. Fast-paced dynamics demand a constant need for firms to make changes to their strategies in order to achieve sustained revenue growth. But how can constant drastic changes in strategies be compatible with sustained growth?”

Teixeira’s fundamental question above, opens up the problem for the solution Josemaria Siota and Luiz Zorzella developed in the three years of research that backs up their book. In their book, the former consultants present the four “best strategies” for realising and accelerating growth for tech companies in a constantly dynamic business environment. The authors identify which “Lean-Growth” principles applied in four strategic areas: market, product, price and sales channel, are best able to take tech oriented companies forward quickly.

Revenue Growth

As part of their research, the authors reached out to 780 executives from 32 nationalities and analysed 77 companies in 21 counties, talking to people at the top of companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, PayPal, Spotify, WhatsApp for insight into what growth strategies worked well and which less so. To get the latest insights, the authors interviewed a number of key “Growth Leaders*”, after which they funnelled learnings and experiences into a set of practical best practices.

Both authors have developed their capacity for understanding and delivering growth strategies from their past in the consulting industry. Today Luiz Zorzella runs his own tech startups, Amquant and LifeStats. In the past he worked as an Engagement Manager for McKinsey & Company from 1998 - 2001 and as a Knowledge Leader from 2007 - 2010. Among other positions, he worked for Chase Manhattan for four years from 1994-1998. He holds a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from ITA. Today Josemaria Siota is the director of Simastec Consulting, where he has 7 years of experience. He has worked for Deloitte as a consultant as well as holding various positions at NGOs. He holds a MSc in International Business with a focus on Strategy and Internationalisation and an MSc in Computer Engineering.

* People interviewed include Patty Cox, former global head of automotive at LinkedIn; Reza Ghassemi, former strategic partnerships manager at Google; Raimundo Sala, head of sales Iberia at PayPal; Katia Yakovleva, account director at Spotify Germany; Naman Agarwal, senior business development manager at Amazon; Dinesh Dheenathayalan, Asia Pacific sales operations at Facebook; Elias Campo, Latin America and Spain business developer at WhatsApp; Alejandro Navarro, international business development director at Groupalia; and Rodney Bunker, CEO of Bubblegum Agency.