Xceed Group supports RFIB with implementation of IaaS model

24 August 2016 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read

Xceed Group, a London-based IT management consultancy, has helped RFIB Group with the selection of an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model to support the firm’s future growth plans.

RFIB is a Lloyd’s insurance broker with a global presence, which, according to the firm’s strategy, aims for “significant growth over the coming years” – to be realised through a combination of expansion within existing markets and acquisitions. To facilitate the ambitions, RFIB recently launched a technology transition programme aimed at bolstering the efficiency and scalability of its IT infrastructure. 

One of the projects consisted of implementing a fully managed support solution that can handle growth without disruption to service whilst also reducing IT security risk. RFIB commissioned Xceed Group to manage the transition to an IaaS model. The London-based IT consulting firm* assessed RFIB’s IT estate and ran the selection process for suitable IaaS providers. In addition, Xceed Group was asked to stabilise RFIB’s existing IT operations and design a target operating model that would provide the necessary business focus and reduce the complexity of managing multiple suppliers.

During the six-month project, Xceed Group transformed RFIB’s IT management to a service -focused model, where IT support could be migrated to a service provider. Xceed Group advised on the process of migrating IT services to the new supplier and introduced change management processes to mitigate potential risks ensuring the transition would run smoothly.

Xceed Group supports RFIB with implementation of IaaS model

“Xceed Group worked closely with us to analyse our business and technology platforms and make improvements to the stability of our environment,” comments Paul Smith, CIO of RFIB. “With a clear understanding of the landscape gained from its analysis, Xceed Group developed an RFI which was distributed to a number of potential suppliers.”

The suppliers were assessed for technical competence, understanding of RFIB’s target operating models, the ability to provide a transparent and affordable cost structure, and for cultural fit. Three final prospective suppliers were issued with comprehensive RFPs, and were scored before being interviewed by the joint project team. Following commercial negotiations, RFIB chose IT Lab as its IaaS provider. 

“The project was completed within the six-month timeframe and on completion, RFIB was in an optimal position to run its migration and support its anticipated business growth”, reflects John Casserly, CEO of Xceed Group.

Smith adds: “Thanks to the project we are in a great position to migrate to a secure, scalable and flexible IaaS model that will support our business as it grows. Most importantly, the initiative has improved overall employee satisfaction with the IT function, aligning current team roles with our future business direction.”

On the back of the successful delivery, RFIB has continued its collaboration with Xceed Group – consultants from the firm are currently working on a new project to upgrade one of the firm’s core business applications.

* Xceed Group has further offices in Edinburgh, Dublin and New York.