Elixirr supports Skill-UP, a London based charity support programme

09 August 2016 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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Elixirr has entered into a two-year partnership with the Mayor of London’s Team London Skill-UP programme. The firm will provide its breadth of consultancy experience to help small charity staff develop the skills needed to flourish and grow.

Last year, the Mayor of London launched the Team London Skill-UP initiative, aimed at supporting the development of staff in a range of small charities across London. As it stands 97% of the around 23,630 charities in London are considered small. Research into their operations, by the Foundation of Social Improvement, found that many of these charities suffer from low growth due to a skills gap, which is largely the result of  a lack of available funding to up-skill and develop staff. The Skill-UP programme provides a bridge for around 200 small charity employees per year, by providing them with training, advice and development. The programme itself is supported by the business community, with partners including Twitter, CIPD, Microsoft and Citigroup, among others.

Elixirr supports Skill-UP, a London based charity support programme

The announcement from Elixirr sees it take on a two-year partnership with Team London. Staff from the firm will be tasked with supporting charities, involved in the Skill-UP programme, to develop their skills in order to progress and grow their charity.

A spokesperson for the Elixirr says that the firm is “really excited” about the partnership with Team London. “We're looking forward to sharing our skills and experience in support of small charities across London. We’ll be joining some great companies – the likes of Twitter, CIPD and Citigroup – and planning is already underway to develop and deliver strategy and business planning training to charities across London. Our team will also become mentors in support of individuals as they put their learning into practice,” the spokesperson explains.

Earlier this year management consultancy Gate One struck a partnership with SE1 United, another London-based charity which delivers youth-led programmes for local young people, while last year The Brokerage Citylink added Barnett Waddingham to its partner ranks.