Deloitte opens Cyber Intelligence Centre in The Hague

29 July 2016 3 min. read

Deloitte in the Netherlands has opened a new Cyber Intelligence Centre in The Hague. The highly secure facility is equipped with the latest cyber technology; the new control centre houses Deloitte’s cyber security services and provides the firm’s clients real-time and 24-hour monitoring for cyber risks and data leaks.

Cybersecurity has, in recent years, become an issue of increasing importance for organisations. Cyber-attacks seem to be more frequent, and the negative consequences of a successful attack on an organisation now has the potential to shake its foundations. Attacks can disrupt operations by affecting databases or websites, or, through phishing, inadvertently allowing millions to be transferred to the wrong bank accounts. Moreover, the potential theft of personal data, or intellectual property, may cause significant, or sometimes even structural damage to reputation and competitiveness.

To assist organisations address cyber threats and to strengthen its IT security proposition, accounting and consulting firm Deloitte recently opened a dedicated Cyber Intelligence Centre in The Hague. Deloitte in the Netherlands is following similar moves within the firm’s wider network – for example, Deloitte in the UK, Canada and Australia already boast Cyber Intelligence Centres.

The decision of where to situate the firm’s new Cyber Intelligence Centre fell in favour of The Hague, a city which seeks to position itself as the Cyber Capital of Europe. The location is not entirely surprising, given that Deloitte is already a partner of The Hague Security Delta (HSD)* Foundation. The foundation has the task of strengthening the Netherlands’ cybersecurity domain through a national cluster of businesses, government agencies and research institutions, and, in addition, to enhance international competitiveness and encourage innovation. 

Deloitte - Cyber Intelligence CenterThe new Cyber Intelligence Centre was recently opened by Ingrid van Engelshoven, an alderman of The Hague, and Mario van Vliet, Chief Operations Officer at Deloitte. From the new centre, Deloitte monitors cyber threats in real time and uses the so-called threat-based approach. Deloitte looks at current threats such as hackers, cyber criminals, secret services, corporate espionage and even terrorist actions taking place via the internet, and provides customers with end-to-end managed cyber security services that help them manage cyber risks and related threats.

“The most valuable asset of an organisation is their data, which needs to be protected. With this centre, we are now part of a worldwide network of Cyber Intelligence Centers. Through our combined international expertise we offer companies a way to manage cyber risks and to continuously hold off the current threats,” said Derk Wieringa, Director of Managed Security at Deloitte.

The new Control Centre for real-time cyber security is set up to allow Deloitte in the Netherlands draw on global expertise from a range of players. For instance, the firm works with IT organisation Equinix, a global provider of interconnection and data centre solutions. The partners are working together to offer services in the market that provide customers with a range of cybersecurity measures against attacks across their entire IT infrastructure. The US arm of the firm is also bringing together cross-business expertise, recently joining forces with Verizon, a leader in broadband and wireless communications. Deloitte and Verizon have bundled their services and solutions in the field of cyber security and risk management in order to achieve a broadening and deepening of their joint propositions to businesses and governments.

* The Hague Delta Security is, in its own words, the biggest security cluster in Europe. The Netherlands-based cluster consists of 450 security companies with a core of 300 companies located in The Hague.