CGI extends partnership with SportsAid, charity for young athletes

08 July 2016 2 min. read
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CGI has extended its commitment to SportsAid, a non-profit which supports young British athletes become world champions by rewarding their efforts financially. This year the technology firm is supporting athletics, disability athletics, gymnastics and cycling. Among them is Thomas Beeley, 16, winner of the British Summer Championship gold medal for the 200m butterfly.

SportsAid was founded in 1976 to support British sportsmen and women reach the top of their game and become the next generation of British sporting heroes. The organisation is set up to support those whom face financial hurdles in their bid to become world champions and the next generation of Olympians and Paralympians. The cost associated with many sports can be prohibitive, and many, before recognition, perform with little or no funding support. SportsAid, with the help of its partners and patron, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, seek to provide the needed support.

One of SportsAid’s partners is CGI, who joined the organisation as a supporter last year as part of its on-going commitment to supporting young sporting talent in England, Scotland and Wales. The support will this year go towards a select group of 15 to 27 years olds competing in athletics, disability athletics, gymnastics and cycling. The funds will cover essential training costs, travel and competition expenses. 

CGI extends partnership with SportsAid, charity for young athletes

A beneficiary of the fund includes Thomas Beeley, 16, winner of the British Summer Championship gold medal for the 200 meter butterfly, and the number one ranked in Britain. On SportsAid’s sponsorship he says, “The SportsAid award will allow me to continue to train in the best possible conditions and travel for international competitions, bringing me a step closer to achieving my sports goals.”

CGI’s supports 10 athletes for SportsAid this year, among which the youngest are 14 year old Molly Kingsbury (Disability Athletics), 15 year old Amelia Montague (Gymnastics) and 15 year old Oscar Mingay (Cycling). The oldest athletes to receive support are 19 year old Kelsey Stewart (Athletics) and 27 year old Matthew Bush (Disability Athletics). The young athletes will be following up previous successful beneficiaries including Olympic gold medalists Mo Farah, Sir Chris Hoy, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Sir Bradley Wiggins.

Tim Gregory, President of CGI in the UK says, “Here at CGI we are committed to helping the UK’s young sporting talent and we look forward to working with these young athletes on their journey to achieve sporting success and, ultimately, to help Team England, Scotland and Wales achieve more medals. The qualities that sport helps to foster in young people are important whether they go on to be professional sportspeople or indeed have a career in business.”