Cambridge Consultants partners with incubator Clearbridge Accelerator

01 July 2016 3 min. read

Cambridge Consultants and Singapore-based Clearbridge Accelerator have joined forces to support Asian medical technology startups. Cambridge Consultants will provide aspiring startups with expertise in product development, while Clearbridge Accelerator will provide them with a range of mentoring support and financial backing.

Clearbridge Accelerator was launched in 2010 to support Asian startups navigate through a range of initial hurdles. The firm is focused on bringing technologies, particularly in the area of healthcare and infosecurity, from out of the laboratory into a commercial environment to create sustainable and lasting enterprises. The organisation is supported by Singapore’s National Research Foundation’s Technology Incubation Scheme, and provides funding, mentorship, and execution support to startups. For serious funding, primarily for late stage pre-IPO startups, funds from CapBridge, a private institutional venture between Clearbridge Accelerator and the Singapore Exchange, are leveraged.

Cambridge Consultants, the product development consultancy arm of Altran, recently announced it will be partnering with Clearbridge Accelerator to create a ‘one-stop shop’ for the acceleration and incubation of medical technology start-ups in Asia. The organisations have signed a memorandum of understanding.

Cambridge Consultants partners with MedTech incubator Clearbridge Accelerator

Cambridge Consultants will provide product development expertise – acting as a virtual research and development centre, to support, accelerate and transform promising ideas into commercial realities. Clear bridge Accelerator will offer startups participating in the programme with mentorship related to strategic, regulatory and operational issues, as well as providing financial guidance and access to funding across the whole spectrum, from seed/series A funding all the way to pre-IPO financing.

Through the combination of the strengths of the two new partners, the product development and funding sides will be covered – allowing for the seamless progression of startups from initial idea to exit.

“Our extensive track record of world-class product development enables us to offer a rapid, reliable route to convert early-stage technology into ready-for-market solutions,” says Miles Upton, Asia General Manager at Cambridge Consultants. “For more than 50 years we have worked with innovative start-ups that want to change the status quo fast – helping them create world firsts that deliver real value. This collaboration with Clearbridge Accelerator will give new companies in the region a fast track to vital competitive edge.

“We invest in breakthrough innovations and technologies that will have global impact and benefits,” says Johnson Chen, Managing Partner at Clearbridge Accelerator. “As an incubator, besides providing direct expertise and funding, we constantly find new ways to help our start-up companies succeed. Through our partnership with Cambridge Consultants, companies can tap into the virtual development model to de-risk product development as well as get to market quickly. We are committed to growing Asian companies globally, as well as supporting international companies entering key Asian markets.”