Cambridge Consultants invests £6m to support growth

11 December 2014 2 min. read
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Consulting firm Cambridge Consultants has unveiled its new £6 million wireless facilities that support its continuing growth. The Auton Building can accommodate 120 engineers and offers a modern, bright, environmentally-responsible environment.

Product development engineering and technology consulting firm Cambridge Consultants has invested £6 million in new facilities at its Cambridge Science Park headquarters. The facilities, named the ‘Auton Building’*, have been established to keep pace with the firm’s rapid growth. Cambridge Consultants recruited 90 people this year in the UK alone, taking its global workforce to 450**. For 2015, the firm has equally strong recruitment plans, with around 40 additional wireless job opportunities. “I set a growth agenda with the aim of doubling the size of Cambridge Consultants by the end of 2016. Two years into that, we have grown substantially and successfully,” explains Alan Richardson, CEO of Cambridge Consultants.

Alan Richardson, CEO of Cambridge Consultants

Auton Building
The Auton Building, which can house 120 engineers, consists of a mixture of open-plan office space and world-class engineering facilities. Roof-based antennas can transmit and receive terrestrial and satellite wireless signals and feed them directly to engineers’ desks. A dedicated optics lab enables the safe use of class-4 lasers in development work on the next generation of sensors for industries ranging from oil and gas to medical devices. “Our investment in new facilities will enable us to keep pace with that soaring demand and ensure our staff have a world-class environment in which to thrive,” comments Richardson.

To accommodate the 2015 expansion plans, the next phase of the building expansion plans, a three-storey extension to the new Auton Building, has already been started.

* The building has been named after Paul Auton, who was the CEO of Cambridge Consultants from 1983-1998.

** The company also expanded its US footprint this year by moving to new premises in Boston.