Roland Berger: Germany leader in sustainable industry

25 October 2012 1 min. read

The German economy is rapidly changing into a green production machine. Germany annually earns approximately €300 trillion with sustainable products and services. This income accounts for 15% of the global turnover in “clean tech”, thereby making Germany world leader in this market. A study undertaken by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, commissioned by the German government, confirms this.

Business world miracle

The market for clean technology in Germany seems to look more and more like a general growth engine of the economy. Also sectors that apparently have nothing to do with sustainability are stimulated by “clean tech”. With this, the German environmental friendly approach is starting to become a business world miracle. Meanwhile, the clean-tech sector has created over 1,4 million jobs (Germany has 44 million jobs in total).

Roland Berger - Sustainable industry

Clean-tech market

The global clean-tech market, consisting of, amongst others, solar panels, windmills, and biogas, at the moment has a magnitude of over €2,000 trillion. At least €300 milliard is thus earned in Germany. The world leader has shown an annual growth in clean-tech of approximately 11% over the past years. The foremost cause of this success is the constant political force behind environmental friendly policies, according to Roland Berger.

Germany remains market leader

According to the strategy consulting office, Germany will temporarily remain market leader. By the year 2025, the German clean-tech sector will also have the largest global market share at their disposal. By that time the global market has grown to a €4,4 trillion industry approximately. Furthermore, consultants conclude that the global clean-tech market’s growth will stagnate in upcoming years. During the past years the worldly growth has been approximately 12% a year.