Deloitte: Turnover European soccer market increased by 11%

19 August 2013 1 min. read
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The soccer market is not suffering from the challenging economic conditions.  The total amount of soccer branche’s income has increased with 11% past season (2011/2012) compared to the season before that.  The total European soccer branche has an estimated value of €19,4 billion. This follows from the report ‘Annual Review of Football Finance 2013’ by Deloitte.

The five biggest competitions in Europe (Premier League, Bundesliga, Primera División, Series A and League 1), together make up for 48% (€9,3 billion) of the market, thereby having the largest impact on this increase. Turnover increase was the largest in the Premier League (+ 16%), followed by the French competition (+ 9%).

Even though all of the 'big 5' leagues show an increase in labour costs in 2011/2012, the growth ratio was slightly lower than that of the turnover. This caused a general profitability improvement.

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Based on the total amount of income, the British Premier League still is the largest soccer competition. In the year 2011/2012 the Premier League earned an approximate €2,9 billion. In comparison, the income in the Dutch soccer competition was about €434 million. In particular sponsorships of Manchester City, who became champion in that year, sponsored by Deutsche Post/DHL and Etihad Airways caused this sharp income increase.

Stadium visitors

The sporting consultants also looked at developments in the number of people visiting the stadiums. With an average of over 44,000 visitors, Germany has the highest amount of fans per match in a stadium.  The number of visitors increased with 5%. In England, Italy and France the average number of stadium visitors dropped, with respectively -2%, -7% and -4%.

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