Monitor Deloitte sponsors FT Global Pharma Conference

17 November 2014 3 min. read

Today the FT Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference 2014 kicks off in the UK, an event that will be attended by many executives and managers from across the globe to gain insight in pharma and life sciences trends. The event is organised by the Financial Times in association with Deloitte, who in addition will contribute to the programme of the event.

As the world is becoming interconnected and technology-driven, boundaries between pharma, biotech, generics, devices and broader healthcare companies are blurring. More and more advanced technologies and materials are developed and will play a bigger role in life science research. As a result, it is essential for professionals in the Pharma and Life Sciences markets to keep up with this evolving industry.

FT Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference 2014

FT Global Pharma Conference
The FT Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference 2014 will provide senior level executives and corporate decision-makers from around the world, including Chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, Presidents and Managing Directors, insights in the key trends and new developments in their industry, as well as to network with leading international figures.

The two-day event, which is organised by the Financial Times, in association with professional services firm Deloitte, will take place on 17 and 18 November 2014 at the Marriot Hotel in London. In addition to this, the consulting firm will also contribute to the event by providing two speakers to the programme:

Hanno Ronte and Reynold Mooney - Deloitte

Hanno Ronte, who is a Partner at Monitor Deloitte*, will take part in the discussion ‘View from the Top: The Life Science Industry in the New Health Economy 2020’ on Monday 17 November.

At Monitor Deloitte, Ronte leads the Life Sciences and Healthcare Practice and is responsible for building the Real World Evidence Health Information practice. With his projects he has focused on corporate strategy, business unit strategy, competitive response, marketing strategy and capability building as well as cost reduction and optimisation projects. He has extensive experience in the healthcare and life science sector, working at different levels to drive change and impact in his clients.

Reynold Mooney, who is the Global Managing Director of Life Sciences and Health Care at Deloitte, will provide the opening and closing remarks as the Chair on the second day, 18 November.

Mooney is a Senior Strategy Consulting Principal and the Global Managing Director for the Life Sciences and Healthcare Practice at Deloitte. In this role, he is responsible for building practice capability around the world and ensuring consistent service offerings across lines of business. In addition, Mooney is a Principal in Deloitte’s US member firm. Mooney is frequently consulted on global health issues by pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies.

* Global strategy consultancy Monitor, co-founded in 1983 by among others management-guru Michael Porter, was acquired by Deloitte in November 2012, and subsequently integrated into the Strategy & Operations service area within the Consulting unit. Since the firm has retained its name within the overall Deloitte network, branded as 'Monitor Deloitte'.