Altran signs cloud partnership with Portugal Telecom

13 June 2014

Portugal Telecom has signed a partnership with consulting and IT services firm Altran. As part of the deal the companies will combine their cloud and datacentre services.

Altran has for years been present in Portugal, offering a wide range of technology and innovation services in the country. Yet infrastructure, cloud and datacenter services still formed a ‘gap’ in its service portfolio. “In these fields we seek strategic partnerships that offer, together with the high-tech expertise of our specialists, the best possible solutions for our client’s needs,” says Bruno Casadinho, head of Altran’s Telecoms and Media practice in Portugal.

Altran signs cloud partnership with Portugal Telecom

Following a due diligence in the market for potential partners the choice fell on Portugal Telecom. As part of the deal Altran’s customers will be able to use Portugal Telecom’s network to gain access to their cloud-based services, and use the telco’s datacentres to host a range of software and platform services. “This agreement with Altran formalises an important partnership, which will ensure competitiveness on a world scale, in terms of addressing different markets with information and communication technologies, throughout a global reach network of datacentres,” says Miguel Moreira, CEO of Portugal Telecom’s cloud unit.