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As a Managing Consultant in Digital you will directly support the Practice Director in developing new business and managing the consulting and technical service delivery teams, each led by Senior Consultants who run delivery to clients. You will have significant experience in leading consultancy teams yourself and in client engagement management, and will also be responsible for ensuring consultancy teams have the appropriate resources to plan and deliver their allocated tasks. You will ensure services are delivered to the standard required by the client and monitor client satisfaction, directing corrective action if required. You will also have insight and breadth of experience in the relevant business sector.

Sector Focus

Your Practice is focused on the UK Government sector, which includes Defence, other Whitehall Departments, agencies and in time is expected to include local government. As the Digital business develops it is expected that the number of Practices will increase and the scope of each Practice will be varied accordingly, depending on the identified potential in each sector.
We expect that you will have a detailed understanding of some aspects of the sector, and a working understanding across the whole breadth. You will understand the common challenges that clients face, current trends and threats, and where the sector is likely to grow. You will already have professional contacts in some areas and already have practical ideas of advisory opportunities which can be developed.


The business will be centered primarily in London, with satellite offices in the West and Northwest of England, but you will be expected to travel frequently to client and other Raytheon sites across the country as required.

Raytheon UK Cyber and Intelligent - Digital and You:

  • Raytheon UK’s Digital business brings to the market a cadre of Digital consultants and sector professionals to help organisations to manage risk and bring to bear solutions and methods for mitigating the digital challenges of today.
  • Raytheon's Digital business has access to over 300 diverse and talented individuals from broad range of services in Cyber and Intelligence. We advise clients on issues ranging from threat intelligence to cloud security, from security architecture to big data analytics and from cyber training to incident response.
  • You will be someone who wants to enhance and develop your reputation in delivering client-based solutions, focused on cyber security and the application of data science. You may have held senior roles in government or in the private sector, specifically relating to critical infrastructure and system, and you will have experience in the identification and management of risks in your sector. Alternatively, you may have held senior roles in cyber security or IT organisations which work with critical national infrastructure.
  • As a Managing Consultant within our Digital organisation you will be responsible for supporting the Practice Director in identifying new business and opportunities for growth, and managing multiple advisory and technical service delivery teams. You will ensure services delivered to clients are of a consistent hight quality.
  • You will thrive in a senior client environment. You will be able to put across complex technical challenges and translate them into the impacts and issues which senior officials should take note of and seek to solve. You will be comfortable working at many levels, adept at public speaking and able to hold your own in debate.
  • In return, Raytheon will offer you freedom in how you develop business and manage your team and deliver services to fully meet the needs of our clients. We will be flexible and imaginative in meeting your preferences in terms of ways of working and support your ongoing development both professionally and personally. We will provide you with training and mentoring, and a generous reward and benefits package.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting the Practice Director in identifying and developing business growth opportunities
  • Forming and resourcing multi-disciplinary consultancy teams, and ensuring the planning and management of delivery by team leaders remains within budget and meets agreed schedules. Your teams may also be supported by technical services delivered by other parts of Digital, wider Raytheon or other suppliers and you will be responsible for coordinating their availability to support Digital tasks.
  • Delivering a portfolio of digital-related engagements across our business, including effective people management on client engagements and working seamlessly and collaboratively with colleagues in other parts of the organization in the UK and in the US.
  • Striving for and attracting a diverse culture and workforce, you will seek to build balanced teams diverse in gender, background, culture, thought and behaviours, You will have strategies for how to build high performing teams able to address our clients’ most complex and pressing issues.
  • Contributing to the latest thought-leadership and research relating to digital transformation, cyber security and organisational crisis and response management to cyber issues.
  • Developing the market for Digital services. You will develop effective client relationships and convert them into formal working relationships through which Raytheon can deliver value.

To be successful in this role you will:

  • Have excellent commercial and financial awareness and business acumen, including a good understanding of risk specifically relating to both cyber risk and the risks which customers manage on a regular basis.
  • Be able to advise clients, not only on their cyber risk, but also how they can create performance advantage through better analysis and understanding of their existing data.
  • Have a broad range of CNI sector experience with an IT and digital background, likely including experience across areas such as: cyber risk analysis, vulnerability management, threat intelligence, cloud services, incident response, big data analytics.
  • Have great interpersonal skills and experience of developing effective, long-lasting relationships, either as a consultant or demonstration of significant influencing abilities within an organisation and demonstrable ability to solve complex problems objectively, using an appropriate combination of analysis, experience, judgement and reach-back to Raytheon.
  • Have the ability to take complex analysis and to present and communicate it in a concise and clear manner, appropriately tailored to people from a very wide range of cultures, technical backgrounds and seniorities.
  • Be able to work with a wide variety of other organizations, able to influence and be influenced when appropriate to bring to bear the latest ideas, thinking, and leadership. Raytheon doesn’t only advise, it also delivers solutions, leading to long term strategic relationships with clients.
  • Be motivated to develop new business especially with current customers,
  • Have a strong academic record or hold significant professional development certifications and accreditations in the field of security and cyber security (such as CISSP, CERT, CISM, CISMP, CISA, ISSMP).

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Job information

Firm: Raytheon

Location: London

Education: Advanced degree

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