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OC&C Consultants begin as either successful Associate Consultants, typically with a proven two to three year track record, business school graduates, or recruits from industry with several years' experience.

Consultants are well-rounded professionals capable of taking responsibility for, and contributing significantly to, major aspects of projects. Within the OC&C team, you are the Manager's key support – and sometime sparring partner – as well as a confidant and coach for more junior colleagues. As a consultant, you take the initiative to support and guide the team towards workable solutions, and you will need to be adept at recognising and addressing their concerns, as well as building strong, mature and mutually beneficial relationships.

At OC&C, formal learning never ends. Every Consultant goes through a training program whose curriculum encompasses functional areas such as marketing, finance and economics, on top of professional and interpersonal skills such as presentation and influencing. Experienced hires take an extensive course in consulting skills.

Working at OC&C

We recruit people at all stages of their careers, with your starting level determined by the experience and skills you bring to the table. We look for high levels of intellectual curiosity, strong analytical and creative abilities, excellent communication and leadership skills, and an enthusiastic commitment to the entrepreneurial and participative culture that is the hallmark of OC&C.

We have no 'back room', no easy option for those lacking talent or drive. Everyone is on the front line, in a genuine meritocracy where the atmosphere is informal but focused, collaborative yet competitive enough to bring out the best in all of our consultants. Our people are constantly learning, constantly stretched and constantly stimulated by new challenges. You can expect early responsibility and as much progress as you can handle.

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Job information

Firm: OC&C Strategy Consultants

Location: London

Education: Postgraduate degree

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